Prestashop Friendly URL

Pretty URLs is a PrestaShop Friendly URL module that removes auto generated ID from the URLs of product, categories, suppliers, manufacturers, CMS and all other pages of your store. Clean links are search friendly and an essential requirement for SEO. You will not lose your current search rankings as it 301 redirects old URLs to new ones.

Prestashop Pretty Url

Prestashop Friendly Url allows you to make your URL clear and remove the Ids and numbers which are generated automatically. By using this module your site will be SEO friendly and can be optimized easily in Search engine rankings

libTLD 1.4.20

LibTLD can extract the top level domain from any URI / IRL. It recognizes all TLDs, even multiple level TLDs (i.e. up to 4 parts for, checks with the Mozilla TLD database and supports over 2000 variants. It is provided as C library, with bindings for C++ and PHP.