Wine 4.2 💾

Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. It does not require Microsoft Windows, but can use native Windows DLLs if they are available. It provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes.

minor feature: Unicode string normalization support. Support for ECC cryptographic keys. Support for mixing 32/64-bit dlls in the load path. Futex-based implementations for more synchronization primitives. Various.

GNU LGPL c x86 windows win32 emulator compatibility library desktop operating-system

exiftool 11.27 💾

ExifTool is a Perl library and command-line tool for reading and updating common meta data information in various file formats. Foremost it works on image files, EXIF, PNG, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF/JPEG, GeoTIFF, ICC Profile, Photoshop IRB, FlashPix, AFCP, AIFF, DJVU, Postscript, GZIP, OpenDocument, PDF, SVG, OGG and ID3. It can also edit maker notes of digital (RAW) camera files from Canon, Casio, FLIR, FujiFilm, GE, HP, JVC/Victor, Kodak, Leaf, Minolta/Konica-Minolta, Nikon, Nintendo, Olympus/Epson, Panasonic/Leica, Pentax/Asahi, Phase One, Reconyx, Ricoh, Samsung, Sanyo, Sigma/Foveon and Sony.

minor feature: Added support for more XMP-dji-drone tags. - Added new Olympus CameraType and LensType values. - Added a new Canon LensType. - Added a new CanonModelID. - Decode yet another type of GPS from DashCam videos. - Allow FileName to be written when only case is changed on case-insensitive filesystems. - Improved identification of some iWork file types. - Recognize the LRV file extension. - Changed Windows version to use the parent folder of PAR_GLOBAL_TEMP for the temporary documentation file. - Don't raise an error if an INDD object list is terminated by spaces instead of nulls. - some problems with new -htmldump IFD highlighting feature. - introduced in 11.24 with "-o -.EXT" feature.

Artistic perl exif meta-data

Qtractor 0.9.5 💾

Qtractor is an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt framework. Target platform is Linux, where the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) for audio, and the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for MIDI, are the main infrastructures to evolve as a fairly-featured Linux desktop audio workstation GUI, specially dedicated to the personal home-studio.

minor feature: Home.. Intro. Screenshots. Features. Requirements. Downloads. Installation. Configuration.. Support. Acknowledgements Downloads.. Git. Screenshots. Documentation.

GNU GPL audio editor c++ qt jack

Vim 8.1.0925 💾

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

minor feature: patch 8.1.0925: terminal scrollback test still still flaky Problem: Terminal scrollback test still still flaky. Solution: Explicitly set the shell. Disable ruler.

Other text-editor ide vi vim

TXR Language 210 💾

TXR is a "data munging" language which combines a convenient text extraction notation that is equivalent in power to Parse Expression Grammars, with an innovative Lisp dialect which manages to integrate the differences between Lisp-1 and Lisp-2. It has many features: built-in lazy lists, strings and vectors that can be treated with list processing functions, currying operators, macros with destructuring lambda lists, macrolet, symbol macros, dynamically scoped variables, exception handling, object-oriented structures, delimited continuations, a foreign-function interface and much more. TXR is influenced by Common Lisp, Scheme, Awk, M4, POSIX Shell, Prolog, Ruby, Python, Arc, Clojure, S-Lang and others.

major bugfix: Fixed incorrect behavior in hash-uni. Fixed second-order regression in the interactive listener introduced in 209 when trying to fix earlier regression. diff, isec and uni functions now work efficiently for non-list sequences, and support hashes. New funtion symdiff. New functions hash-symdiff and hash-from-alist. Hash table performance improvements.

BSDL-2 interpreter development lisp text-processing utilities programming-language

µBlock Origin 1.18.5b1 💾

µBlock Origin is an efficient and general-purpose web filter plugin for browsers. It's primarily used for ad blocking of course. Runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera Blink, Safari, Fennec, and other Chromium-based browsers. It automatically uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domain filter lists, but also supports hpHosts, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many other curated block lists. µBlock is speedier and more memory conservative than other ad blockers, and is completely open source, does not undermine filtering like ADPs sponsored ads.

minor feature: Cosmetic filtering not enforced at uBO launch on already opened web pages. Platform/webext/vapi-webrequest.js breaks uBo functionality. Compute URL of sublists as relative to URL of parent list. partyness evaluation for cases of base domain-less hostnames. Promise chain of WASM module load operations.

GNU GPLv3 javascript browser ad-blocker filter privacy

SMCRoute 2.4.4 💾

SMCRoute is a daemon and command line tool to manipulate the multicast routing table in the UNIX kernel. Both FreeBSD and Linux kernels are supported, but it may work on other systems as well. SMCRoute can be used as an alternative to dynamic multicast routing daemons like mrouted or pimd in situations where (only) static multicast routes should be maintained and/or no proper IGMP signaling exists.

minor feature: Allow same outbound interface as inbound for routes, only warn user. Systemd unit file hardening, recommended by Debian. Discontinued GPG signing, unused and signed with only one dev key. IGMP header checksum missing from mrdisc frames. Unblock all matching, and currently blocked, (S,G) to a. Newly installed (*,G) route, only the first know was unblocked. Timer nanosecond causing loss of address refresh on DHCP. Interfaces. Interface monitoring feature introduced in v2.4.3. Calling init script with stop does not stop smcrouted. ifindex in UNIX/POSIX is an interger, not unsigned short.

GNU GPL multicast daemon unix linux

OrientDB 3.0.15 💾

OrientDB is a 2nd Generation Distributed Graph Database with the flexibility of Documents in one product with an Open Source commercial friendly license (Apache 2 license). First generation Graph Databases lack the features that Big Data demands: multi-master replication, sharding and more flexibility for modern complex use cases.

minor feature: version bumped to 3.0.15-SNAPSHOT . reduced password iterations for integration tests. . removed thread local in case of open failed in remote. . Changes to support incremental backup. . Merge branch '3.0.x' of into 3.0.x. . with pool high concurrency when pool run out of resources. . Implementation of cluster based storage configuration. . Normalization of storage names. . Storage is removed from the list in case of abnormal initialization. . Deindex engine loading. . moveToClass() in legacy TinkerPop2 API. . Add option to disable return of execution plan from REST/JSON. . Encryption name is printed for each tree index. . of incremental backup. . result set serialisation (null OType). . Build failure was. . Merge branch '3.0.x' of into 3.0.x. . Build failure was. . Build failure was, part 3. . Build failure was, part 4. . order of execution of LET statements in SQL. . SELECT FROM INDEX from a subquery. . an OSystemUser role when dbFilter was set to '*'. . locking on cuncurrent modification exception when a sing . . CHM based async. cache and WTinyLFU policy are introduced. . locking on high concurrent transactions on the same records. . Speed up of allocation of new pages. . Clearing of old cache pages. . Graceful handling of timer exceptions. . False error messages are not printed in write cache test. . Update history for v 3.0.15. . releasing OrientDB 3.0.15.

Apache nosql dbms graphdb

Linux kernel 4.20.8 💾

Linux is a mostly POSIX-compliant Unix-inspired operating system kernel, originally implemented by Linus Torvalds and now maintained as an international project. It's the base and common namegiver to a wide array of Linux distributions. The kernel provides all modern Unix-y features, like true process multitasking, virtual memory, virtual and clustered filesystem support, complex networking and extensive support for various hardware and machine platforms.

minor feature: Linux 4.20.8, ath9k: dynack: check da- enabled first in sampling routines, ath9k: dynack: make ewma estimation faster, nfsd: error return values for nfsd4_clone_file_range(), cacheinfo: Keep the old value if of_property_read_u32 fails, serial: sh-sci: Do not free irqs that have already been freed, serial: 8250_pci: Make PCI class test non fatal, serial: race between flush_to_ldisc and tty_open, perf tests evsel-tp-sched: bitwise operator, perf/core: Don't WARN() for impossible ring-buffer sizes, x86/MCE: Initialize in the case of a fatal error in mce_no_way_out(), perf/x86/intel: Delay memory deallocation until x86_pmu_dead_cpu(), perf/x86/intel/uncore: Add Node ID mask, cpu/hotplug: "SMT disabled by BIOS" detection for KVM, KVM: nVMX: unconditionally cancel preemption timer in free_nested (CVE-2019-7221), kvm: kvm_ioctl_create_device() reference counting (CVE-2019-6974), KVM: x86: work around leak of uninitialized stack contents (CVE-2019-7222), scsi: aic94xx: module loading, scsi: cxlflash: Prevent deadlock when adapter probe fails, scsi: sd_zbc: zone information messages, staging: speakup: tty-operation NULL derefs, usb: gadget: musb: short isoc packets with inventra dma, usb: gadget: udc: net2272: bitwise and boolean operations, usb: dwc3: gadget: Handle 0 xfer length for OUT EP, usb: phy: am335x: race condition in _probe, arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: USB OTG regulator, irqchip/gic-v3-its: Plug allocation race for devices sharing a DevID, futex: Handle early deadlock return correctly, dmaengine: imx-dma: wrong callback invoke, dmaengine: bcm2835: abort of transactions, dmaengine: bcm2835: interrupt race on RT, HID: de: the ring buffer implementation, cuse: ioctl, fuse: handle zero sized retrieve correctly, fuse: decrement NR_WRITEBACK_TEMP on the right page, fuse: call pipe_buf_release() under pipe lock, ALSA: hda/realtek - Headset microphone support for System76 darp5, ALSA: hda/realtek - Use a common helper for hp pin reference, ALSA: hda/realtek - los

GNU GPL c linux kernel operating-system

BakAndImgCD 28.0 💾

BakAndImgCD is a small Linux-based operating system, which has been designed to perform the following two tasks: data backup and disk imaging. The 4MLinux Backup Scripts make use of FSArchiver, GNU ddrescue, Partclone, Partimage, rsync, and other utilities. The output files (archives and images) can be optionally compressed and sent to a remote sever (using Ethernet, WiFi, PPP or PPPoE). BakAndImgCD is fully compatible with UNetbootin, which can be used to create an easy-to-use live USB.

major feature: This release is based on the 4MLinux Backup Scripts 28.0.

GNU GPLv3 command-line livecd 4mlinux

WackoWiki 5.5.8 💾

WackoWiki is a light and easy to install multilingual Wiki-engine. Supports WYTIWYG-editing, page rights (ACLs), design themes (skins), file upload, email notification and much more. Compatible with PHP7 and MariaDB / MySQL.

minor bugfix: Bug fix release for 5.5.x series

BSDL php javascript web-based documentation education wiki

getlock 1.0 💾

A lockfile utility that uses kernel locking, rather than just creating a lockfile, so that in the event of system shutdown, app being killed, or whatever, other apps are not blocked by the undeleted lockfile. Feature set includes: multiple lockfiles, wait-time to obtain lock, kill lockfile owner, run a script on lock failure, run app with specified user/group, 'nohup', fork into background and create lockfiles 'close on exec' so they are not inheritied by child processes.

minor feature: This release adds the '-C' 'close on exec' flags, for those rare situations when you don't want all processes run under the lock to inherit the lockfile (like when launching something out of a cron job that will be long-running).

GNU GPLv3 utility filelocking

Mozilla Firefox 65.0.1 💾

Firefox is a widely used web browser. It's based on Mozillas Gecko HTML rendering and IonMonkey JavaScript engine. It supports HTML5, XML, XHTML, SVG 1.1, MathML, XSLT, CSS3, Web fonts, APNG, SSL/TLS, sandboxed JavaScript 1.8.5 with many newer DOM and WHATWG extensions. It's highly extensible and themeable, provides tabbed browsing, security and privacy features, traditional and live/smart bookmarks.

minor feature: Accidental requests to when an addon recommendation doorhanger is shown ( ), Improved playback of interactive Netflix videos ( ), color management not working on macOS ( ), incorrect sizing of the "Clear Recent History" window in some situations ( ), audio amp; video delays while making WebRTC calls ( amp; ), video sizing problems during some WebRTC calls ( ), looping CONNECT requests when using WebSockets over HTTP/2 from behind a proxy server ( ), the "Enter" key not working on password entry fields for certain Linux distributions ( ), Various stability and security. Made support for. lt;meta gt; viewport tags in Responsive Design Mode, initially enabled in Firefox 64, pref-controlled and off by default ( ). To restore the previous behavior, change the. devtools.responsive.metaViewport.enabled pref to true. Reference link to 65.0 release notes

MPL c++ web-browser html5 javascript mozilla

Varnish 4.1.11 💾

Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. You install it in front of any server that speaks HTTP and configure it to cache the contents. Varnish Cache is really, really fast. It typically speeds up delivery with a factor of 300 - 1000x, depending on your architecture.

minor feature: The parameter's name is timeout_linger . Add script to run Coverity. . Pointlessly a resource-leak in bail-out path, spotted by Coverity. . Make a workspace deging output more usable. . Check malloc return. . Typo. . Add useless break statement to please Coverity. . Check pthread_cond_signal returns. . Protect against use-after-free/unitialized. . Typo. . Insist that VCL events are only sent from CLI thread. . unchecked return. . Clarify what makes a VCL warm or cold. . Volatile read of the VCL temperature. . Add a read/write lock for VCL temperature. . Remove spurious assert on VCL release. . Non volatile reads/writes use the temperature lock. . Remove diagnostic check on active VCL, rather than increase. . Make sure the step numbes are decreasing. . Assign q, otherwise the whole check is useless. . misnomer in comment. . improve thread_pools documentation. . leave some comments pointing to the right locations. . old typo. . Clarify doc regarding -p with -1. . Minor polish while here anyway. . Bail out on this error. . Only update the active_vcl on successful VCL compiles. . Correct behavior when S_arg is the empty string. . Break EXTRA_DIST with one item per line. . mv varnish.m4 varnish-legacy.m4. . Define PKG_CHECK_VAR for legacy systems. . Introduce new macros for out-of-tree VMODs. . Changelog update. . Doc. Remote variables not necessary to calculate the hit-rate. . Prepare for 4.1.4-beta1 release. . Document r behaviour. . test for duplicate links in vsl_dispatch. . Add error checking to confirm. Move killing the child process into separate function. . New jail level - kill - used when killing is happening. . Updated error message in MGT_Child_Cli_Fail. . document bereq preparation in core. . Changelog update for 4.1.4-beta2. . Prepare for 4.1.4-beta2 release. . Make -msg an alias to -reason. . Kill any temporary vsm files on failure. . Bail out of CLI reads on signals. . Include the current time of the panic

BSDL-2 cache http proxy

HumHub 1.3.9 💾

HumHub is a social networking portal script and framework. It's flexible and comes with an user-friendly interface. HumHub can be used as customized social network, social intranet teamwork or enterprise application. It provides notifications, activity streams, dashboards, spaces, user profiles, social tools (follow, like, connect), groups, directories, file sharing, and search across all content.

minor feature: StreamSuppressedQuery with limit = 2 throws query not executed exception. Update user in search index when group memberships changes. Space un-archived activity view path broken. Enh: Accepting module files in 'docs' directory. Include user profile posts option in dashboard stream broken. Check SoftDeleted user state in ControllerAccess. Removed database charset configuration in dynamic config. User soft deletion membership cache overwrite. Stream suppressed loading logic loads unnecessary stream entries. "Back to home" button in registration broken with user approvals and guest mode activated. Added link to show/edit users awaiting admin approval. TextFilterInput uses keypress event instead of keydown. Soft deleted user remain in other users as friends. Wrong cancel invitation mail handling. Enh: Added humhub modules space models Membership::isCurrentUser(). Enh: Added humhub widgets Link::post() for data-method="POST requests. Use humhub modules user components ActiveQueryUser::active() on UserPicker fillquery by default. Added relativeUrl to notification view parameter. Queue migration broken on some database configurations. Enh: Added new admin setting "Include captcha in registration form". Enh: Added contentTags to the search index.

Affero GPLv3 php yii mysql social-network groupware