QGIS 2.6.0

QGIS (Quantum GIS) is a geographic information systems (GIS) application for viewing, editing, and analysing data. It allows layered map editing, composed of raster and vector (polygon) data, and allows georeferencing them. It's commonly used by OpenStreetMap and suitable for beginners, also available cross-platform.

Tags c++ gis map-editor vector-graphics dxf
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.6.002 Nov 2014 17:25 major feature: Project filename in properties. Allow removing last point while measuring via del/backspace keys. select related feature on the canvas from the relation reference widget. Editor widgets. Optionally use just a subset of fields from the joined layer. Expression field (virtual fields). Actions can now have an associated icon. Additional expressions types and options. Classes within graduated and categorised renderers can be toggled. Legend improvements. DXF export improvements. Control over hiding print composer items from prints/exports. Control over page printing for empty composer frames. Item tree panel. More control over appearance of composer arrow/line items. Data defined control of composer items. Composer images can be specifed as remote URLS. Composer Table improvements. Composer improvements. Improved item snapping. Multiple overviews for a map item. HTML item improvements. Composer map grid improvements. On-line collection of models and scripts. New modeler implementation. API changes for QGIS widgets. Enhancements of searching with GetFeatureInfo request. Add a precision setting for GetFeatureInfo geometry attributes. Better random colour choice. Symbology user interface improvements. Syntax highlighting code editor. Color palettes. New color picker dialog. Single select feature tool merged into select by rectangle. Add layer to map canvas behaviour. Add icon size 48 and 64. New colour buttons. Context menu for identify tool.