adx - addressbook.xml 1.13

adx is a minimalistic but massively web enabled address book for contact management running completely in web browser. Own your own data! Features: XML based, small (<200KB), lightweight, portable, contact tagging, geo mapping, web accounts, etc. Export functionality: vCard download, QR code generator (offline) for (vCard, WiFi, free text), Embedded Microformats (hCard 1.0, XFN). How it works: XML + XSLT = HTML Your addressbook (XML file) is transformed in your web browser (via XSLT) to a full-featured web application (HTML). Requirements: Modern browser on any platform

Tags address-book contact-mangement web-app browser cross-plattform offline online minimalistic tagging folksonomqr-code soho xml html end-use
License BSDL
State mature

Recent Releases

1.1315 Mar 2017 08:43 minor feature: 1.13 (2017-03-14) - QR Code: speed optimization for creating QR codes (for default error correction level "L") - QR Code: Added QR Code for WiFi lt;wifi authentication="WPA WEP " password="" hidden="true " type="home work ... " myWiFiName lt;/wifi -- works for: Android (open: support for windows phone, iphone) - Alpha New URL parameters for creating QR Codes (e.g. for omnibar integration): -- Added new url param "qr" (example url: addressbook.xml?qr=MyTextToEncodeIntoQRCode ) -- Added new url param "qrbyid" (example url: addressbook.xml?qrbyid=bartensud ) --- Value of param is the id of the contact. If fhe id is not defined manually in XML via contact's attribute "id", the automatically calculated id is used - GUI change: New adx logo is shown in browser tab - GUI enhancement: frequency groups are now visually separated by dashed vertical line (style can be configured with new setting variable "frequencyGroups_separator_borderStyle") - serveral other minor changes