Agorakit 1.9

AgoraKit is a web based open source groupware for citizens initiatives. By creating collaborative groups, people can discuss, organize events, store files and keep everyone updated when needed. AgoraKit is a forum, agenda, file manager and email notifier. Manage communication, decision making, membership, files and events. Flexible email notifications per group, per user preferences. Most of the time no admin is involved in the process as we try to keep it as horizontal as possible. In other words : an organized Facebook for the paranoid inside any of us.

Tags groupware forum citizens agenda dicussion bbs file-sharing
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.907 Jul 2023 02:05 major feature:
0.418 Aug 2017 13:23 documentation: This is our best release so far! - a usable (really) file repository for groups - overall better user interface - as always battle tested on real installations - rolling release model so stay stuned !
0.317 Jul 2017 21:14 documentation: Initial presentation of this project here. Help, feedback and rants welcome !