AMP 0.3.4

AMP is a console text-editor, written in Rust and lightweight. Implements mode-based keyboard interface, similar to VIM. Comes with file management and a few IDE capabilities. Avoids over-configurability, but allows YAML-based key mapping for e.g. macros.

Tags rust text-editor console
License GNU GPLv3
State development

Recent Releases

0.3.427 Feb 2018 03:15 minor feature: Documentation updates. Added the ability to save new buffers without paths (created in normal mode using the `B` key binding); a new "path" mode prompts before saving. Added the ability to load user/custom themes from the `themes` configuration sub-directory. Added a benchmark for buffer rendering. Bumped native clipboard library dependency. Added semi-colon delete key binding to select line mode.
0.3.302 Feb 2018 03:15 minor documentation: Documentation updates. buffer::backspace command no longer switches to insert mode. (this is relegated to the default keymap). Invalid keymap configurations now display the offending mode.
0.3.227 Jan 2018 22:03 minor bugfix: Case-insensitive open mode search with uppercase characters. Add class and struct identifiers to symbol mode whitelist. Documentation and README updates.