Calligra 3.2.1

Calligra is an integrated suite of applications that cover office, creative, and management needs. It offers applications on both desktop computers and mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones. OpenDocument Format (ODF) is used, making it compatible with, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Office. Calligra Suite contains the following applications: Calligra Words (word processor), Sheets (spreadsheets), Stage (presentations), Flow (diagrams and flowcharts), Kexi (visual database creator), Braindump (note taking), Plan (project management), Krita (drawing), and Karbon (vector graphics).

Tags kde qt office word-processor spreadsheet presentation flowchart database drawing graphics
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.2.104 Mar 2024 12:03 minor bugfix: * Sheets: Workarounf for Bug 421336 - Sheets crash (sometimes) when loading LO generated files * Styels: Write correct path to manifest also when styles is not in top level dir * Guard agains crash if view has no parent * Include existing documentation for Sheets and Stage.
2.9.703 Sep 2015 20:17 minor bugfix: Various bugfixes especially in Kexi, Krita and Document filters.
2.8.507 Jul 2014 18:41 minor bugfix: General: Show file formats in Save dialogs, added a number of missing translations. Kexi: Only move to initial top-left position in table view on initial show. Display proper record s page number when coming back to report s data view. Properly remember previous search keywords in the Find Dialog. Fix crash for SELECT queries containing (invalid) ORDER BY 0 parameter. Properly sort names of newly added tables and queries in Form Designer s data source drop-down list. Fix crash possible when accessing queries with duplicated table names. Example query SELECT FROM t, t . Display error message so user can fix the statement. Fix squashed up toolbar buttons for windows-based styles. Fix crash when removing a Database Connection. Temporarily hide sort buttons in forms because sorting is not implemented there anyway. Make Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut work for Save action in all designers. Fix deselecting text form s text editor widget when moving to other widget. Let the spreadsheet import plugin to be found by Kexi. Fix crash on changing Auto Tab Order form property, set to true by default. Properly retrieve map element after saving and re-opening report. Removed resource leaks. Calligra Stage: Re-enable KPresenter (KPR)-to-Open Document Presentation (ODP) document filter