Casycom 1.2

An asynchronous component object framework, allowing creation and calling of objects distributed across processes or computers.

Tags object-brokering application-framework c posix developers
License MITL
State initial

Recent Releases

1.226 Dec 2017 01:45 minor feature: Add alignment validation for structs and arrays. Clarify struct alignment requirements. Implement sorted vector support, vector_emplace_n, and vector_insert_n. Add IMPLEMENT_OBJECT_VECTOR_CTOR_DTOR for templating object vectors. Add casycom_is_failed call to check if errors occured. incorrect failed object id when handling extern errors. Start error handling at the failed object instead of at the caller. Exit with successful code when explicitly terminated by signal (e.g. SIGTERM). validation of messages with vectors of structs. Various to compile cleanly with current gcc. Build system updates. Add pkg-config file.
1.014 Apr 2015 13:16 major feature: Initial release. Object creation and method calling implemented, both intra- and interprocess.