Cobol Copybook to Xml 0.95.1

This project is mostly Commonly used to Analyse Cobol copybooks. The project 3 functions, Analysis and Conversion of Cobol-Copybooks to Xml; conversion of Cobol Data Files (Text only) to Xml. Conversion of Xml files to Cobol-Data files (Text only)

Tags cobol xml java
License GNU LGPL
State beta

Recent Releases

0.95.111 Feb 2015 10:34 minor feature: Add new Cb2Xml2 class which does not swallow exceptions (like the Cb2Xml class does), added dtd and xsd schemas for the Xml produced by Cb2Xml, added simple example Java (Jaxb) and python programs and Added a simple Example java program that will display a Cobol Copybook in a Tree-Table.
0.9527 Jan 2015 04:42 major bugfix: support added for sync keyword, hex constants and field-names starting with numbers. Fixed issues with "anonymous" REDEFINES and sign seperate