csvplus 0.3.2

Package csvplus extends the standard Go encoding/csv package with fluent interface, lazy stream operations, indices and joins.

Tags go golang csv
License BSDL
State beta

Recent Releases

0.3.202 May 2018 19:38 minor feature: Interface enhancement: - csvplus.File renamed to csvplus.Reader; - Added constructors to createcsvplus.Reader from io.Reader and io.ReadCloser; - Name field removed from DataSourceError, as the input is no longer guaranteed to have a name; - Minor changes to comments; - Line numbering now starts from 1 instead of 0.
0.3.128 Dec 2017 13:05 minor feature: License updated. . Slightly optimised implementation of "set". . : Missing csv header when neither of SelectColumns, ExpectHead .
0.3.009 Aug 2017 12:08 major feature: This release is the result of deep refactoring. The data representation used by this library has been redesigned to make it more lean and mean, also resulting in some non-backwards-compatible API changes.
0.2.407 Oct 2016 12:21 minor feature: Index persistence functions added.
0.2.329 Sep 2016 10:18 minor feature: Minor API update.
0.2.222 Sep 2016 10:39 minor feature: Minor API and documentation update.
0.2.120 Sep 2016 14:29 minor feature: A few minor changes to the implementation and interface.
0.2.018 Sep 2016 19:00 minor bugfix: Minor updates and bug fixes.
0.1.014 Sep 2016 20:05 major feature: Initial release.