Dante SOCKS Server 1.4.2

Dante is a free implementation of the proxy protocols SOCKS version 4 and SOCKS version 5 (RFC 1928) that supports both IPv4 and IPv6. It can be used as a firewall between networks and to control outgoing or incoming traffic. The package consists of two parts: a SOCKS server and a proxy client that supports SOCKS, HTTP proxies, and UPnP. RFC 1961 (GSSAPI) is supported in both the client and the server. Commercial support is available.

Tags networking proxy server socks firewall
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.4.206 Feb 2017 14:57 minor bugfix: Bugfix release. Various build and portability fixes.
1.4.128 Mar 2015 15:37 minor bugfix: Keywords added giving increased control over IPv4/IPv6 usage on each interface. Zombie process fix for Solaris/AIX. FreeBSD and NetBSD configure fixes. GSSAPI handling fix. Correction of external.rotation usage operation. AIX compilation fixes. CONNECT request fix.