darcs 2.10.0

Darcs is a cross-platform version control system. It's similarly decentralized as git, mercurial or subversion but with a very different management approach. It focuses on changes rather than trees/snapshots. Which allows it to provide a freer way of working, and a much simpler CLI and a highly interactive user interface. It can work in an offline mode, provides local preparations, easy (non-)branching and merging, email patch sending, parallel development and builtin cherry-pickying from changesets.

Tags c haskell darcs scm dvcs version-control patch-management
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.10.020 Apr 2015 21:25 minor feature: New features: Darcs rebase: enable deep amending of history. Darcs pull --reorder: keep local-only patches on top of mainstream patches. Darcs dist --zip: generate a zip archive from a repository. Patch bundle contexts are minimized by default. Enables bundles to be applied to more repositories. Darcs convert export/import for conversion. To/from VCSes supporting the fast-export protocol. Darcs test --backoff: exponential backoff test strategy, Faster than bisect on big repositories, Work normally on sshfs-mounted repositories. Automatic detection of file/directory moves, and of token replaces. Patience diff algorithm by default. Interactive mode for whatsnew. "tag --ask-deps" to create tags that may not include some patches. User Interface: Add a last question after all patches have been selected to confirm the whole selection. Command names: clone is the new name of get and put, log is the new name of changes, amend is the new name of amend-record, Show output of log into a pager by default. The output of log is more similar to git's: show patch hash in UI, put author and date on separate lines. Enable to match on patch hash prefix with -h and --hash. Darcs send no longer tries to send a mail by default. When no patch name given, directly invoke text editor. Use nano as default text editor instead of vi. Keep log files for patch name and mail content in _darcs. Optimize and convert are now supercommands. Improve darcs help environment and darcs help markdown. Warn about duplicate tags when creating a new one. Allow darcs mv into known, but deleted in working, file Improve --not-in-remote, allowing multiple repos and use default.