Decompiler reads EXE, DLL and ELF program binaries, disassembles them, tries to infer data types, and produce structured C source code from it. It fully supports x86 and m68k machine code and partially PowerPC, ARM; but is designed processor type and binary format agnostic. It can take project-specific meta information into produce more readable source code.

Tags c mono decompiler programmers c
License GNU GPL
State alpha

Recent Releases Oct 2014 19:45 major bugfix: Fixed a few bugs in the MsMangledNameParser. CodeView now has a handy scrollbar. Clicking on procedures in the ProcedureDesigner browser now navigates to the procedure in question. Cleaned up Arm32Disassembler. Implemented more Z80 instructions. New expression type OutExpression used to model parameters modified by a function. Added a crude PDP-11 assembler. Extended the Configuration/LoaderElement class to support file name extensions as well as "magic numbers". Fixed bug in Constant.ToByte(). Several modifications to the Project model. Fixed bugs in LookaheadEnumerator class. Extended the AmigaOS "funcs" file format to allow indication of return value registers (typically D0).