drumlabooh 2.4.0

LV2/VSTi drum machine for Linux and Windows. Drumkits format supported: Hydrogen, SFZ, Drumlabooh. Up to 36 instruments, 127 sample layers. Built-in mixer with pan, volume, mute, pan mode. Automatic open hihats mute on closed hihat.

Tags midi linux windows lv2 vst vsti drums drummachine
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

2.4.005 Apr 2024 13:22 major bugfix: MIDI velocity at Multi-channel mode fix
2.3.011 Mar 2024 10:32 major bugfix: Some GUI fixes, the build is synced to JUCE 7.0.10
2.2.024 Jan 2024 16:12 major bugfix: * Samplerate mismatch-related crash at Reaper when rendering - fixed. * The samples are loaded faster. + MP3 samples support.
2.1.024 Dec 2023 14:51 major feature: The file open button has been added that allows to open the drumkit outside of the pre-defined location
2.0.210 Oct 2023 18:59 major bugfix: Drum kits list initialization fixed.
2.0.008 Oct 2023 19:37 major feature: This release introduces the multi-channel (36 outs) version of the plugin. See the comprehensive documentation at the Drumlabooh site. Also, some Reaper-related things has been fixed.
1.0.006 Oct 2023 16:35 major feature: + FX section for each instrument. You can call/hide FX with the button "FX". There are two resonance filters (Low pass and High pass) to change the sound, and the magic "Analog" knob that warms up the sample. + A new "Wooden" drum kit * misc GUI improvements * Stereo samples from kits now loaded as mono to simplify internal mixing
0.0.407 Sep 2023 10:32 major bugfix: * fixed the drumkit loading at Ardour session after opened * LEDs are velocity-depended now
0.0.303 Sep 2023 17:04 major feature: * major documentation update * fixes, fixes + Windows VSTi build + JUCE 7.0.7 sync * Remove un-needed optimizations those caused crash on build