Drumrox: LV2 drum machine based on DrMr 3.3.0

The LV2 drum machine compatible with Hydrogen drumkits (including the modern format). It is based on DrMr plugin, with the goal to make the plugin compatible with modern Hydrogen kits. Other additions/changes: sorted presets order, some code is rewritten in C++.

Tags audio midi gtk c cpp music drums lv2 drum-machine
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

3.3.005 Apr 2024 14:07 minor bugfix: MIDI velocity fix for the Multi-channel mode
3.2.109 Jul 2023 12:48 minor bugfix: * just fixes
3.2.004 Jul 2023 18:32 major feature: + SFZ support * redesigned GUI
3.1.029 Jun 2023 18:07 major feature: After the implementation of multi-layered samples support for Hydrogen kits, I made the similar thing for Drumrox own kit format. As the example you can try a new kit TamilMulti at drumrox-kits repo.
3.0.024 Jun 2023 18:53 major feature: + Drumrox-multi, the multi-channel version. How to use it, please read the brand new Drumrox Manual at the site. + This release introduces a proper (I hope) multi-layered samples support, you can try it, for example, with AVL-BlackPearl or AVL-RedZeppelin. * 3.0.0 can be unstable, so I'll be glad to hear the feedback.
2.2.120 Jun 2023 15:36 major feature: Quick fix realated to the deprecated LV2 stuff
2.2.018 Jun 2023 15:26 major feature: + The same functionality as in "mute group" for hihats. The opened hihat mutes by the closed one, automatically, without any preliminary setup. I hope that it works with any drumkit, known and unknown. + The GTK2 window was redesigned internally (at the containers level) and at the palette side. + GUI now shows not only picture from Drumrox kit, but also from Hydgogen too, if image is provided. + To make Drumrox's own format kits more clear in the sense of the legal status, Drumrox kits now separated to two repositories. With Drumrox 2.2.0, some new kits are released at those repos. It is Rokton UDS (the famous Soviet drum machine and kit), Sequential Circuits DrumTraks kit, and Acetone Rhythm Ace kit. * Under the hood, boring: refactoring, fixes, optimizations.
2.1.009 Jun 2023 15:03 major feature: + New additional drum kit format (and 3 old-school drumkits) and the repository for kits + Drumkit picture support * fixes, fixes, fixes
2.0.006 Jun 2023 09:56 major feature: + New drum kit loader. Written in C++, uses pugixml to parse kits (was: C/libexpat). * The save state is not full compatible with Drumrox 1.0, but projects loads well (just re-select the drumkit). Now Drumrox simple saves the path to the drumkit, not the symlink. + Less CPU consumption. * Simplified CMakeList.txt. + Compiler optimization flags. * Default panning mode is "sin/cos panner, law: -3 dB". - Unused code
1.1.115 May 2023 12:07 minor feature: + better resampler mode at sample load (SRC_SINC_BEST_QUALITY from libsamplerate)
1.1.014 May 2023 15:23 major feature: //1.1.0 This release features the "Panning mode" option, where you can select one of the tapers: 1. linear panner, law: -6 dB //default 2. linear panner, law: 0 dB 3. square root panner, law: -3 dB 4. sin/cos panner, law: -3 dB This option affects to all instrument panners. Also, in 1.1.0, the Gain knob is more precise - the original DrMr step was 1 dB, the current one os 0.1 dB
1.0.112 May 2023 10:23 minor feature: plugin window now has 6 columns instead of 4 - fits to screen better when many samples
1.0.011 May 2023 12:50 major feature: + Modern Hydrogen kit format support + Presets are sorted * code refactoring started