Druwez 0.1

Druwez is a GTK based graphical printing tool written in Python. With Druwez you can use drag & drop or the clipboard to print multiple files at once from the file manager without opening any dedicated applications. You can optionally save print jobs to print them later (again). Only the file names but not the file content are saved in that case so you don’t need much disk space. Druwez itself can handle PDF, PNG, JPEG and SVG files. To print other file formats you can define converters. A converter is a shell command that reads a file and writes PDF, PNG, JPEG or SVG data to standard output. For each converter you define shell patters for the files it should convert.

Tags gtk desktop printing python posix linux unix end-users
License GNU GPLv3
State alpha

Recent Releases

0.102 Mar 2020 14:48 major feature: Fisrt public release