DuckDuckGo community platform 1.246

The community platform is DuckDuckGos developer hub. Its reference implementation is written in Perl and required PostgreSQL. It includes the forum, blogs, comments, an idea collection, translation tools, development testbeds for the instant-answer extensions (Perl, via JSON API), mailing list integration, and documentation features.

Tags perl web community-management developers
License Apache
State stable

Recent Releases

1.24612 Jan 2019 06:45 minor feature: Update LICENSE . . . Draft shutdown message. . Add shutdown message to translate templates. . Update message. . spacing. . .
1.24527 Nov 2018 03:17 minor feature: Restoring previous design tweaks . Add token notes to PO as extracted comments. . Updating translation tests for comments. . . . Merge branch 'master' into tagawa/design. . Migrate @tagawa help page design elements to help scss. . Release IA pages version: 0.215.0.
1.24321 Jul 2018 03:16 minor feature: Restoring a broken image . Just import JSON symbols once. . Do not show ivalidate button for Translation in use. . Explanatory message for how Translation in use works. . Hack in a working msgstr delete instead of requiring another translation. . Make function selection more robust - check the instance is translation. . Basic filtering for bogus msgstrs to reduce admin overhead. . Bunch of dummy accessors to stop templates carping. . Return 403 for msgstr delete denied, don't just croak. . Imports and helpers. . New test user with access to all languages. . Add "good" and "bad" translations to a locale to be published. . Make sure no translation in the bad set made it to locale package. . msgstr delete: Make sure it works, access restrictions in place. . . . Release IA pages version: 0.214.0. . Exclude node_modules from build.
1.24206 Jun 2018 05:05 minor feature: remove ref to blue-lightest . . . Remove Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher::Email. . . . Release IA pages version: 0.213.0.
1.24108 Apr 2018 00:25 minor feature: retire beta code . . . Add security feedback tag to on call asana task. . . . Release IA pages version: 0.212.0.
1.22903 Nov 2017 16:05 minor feature: Removed links to old forum. Filter out categories with no related helps. Set category rs cache time to 5 mins.
1.22821 Sep 2017 08:05 minor feature: Alter home page. Update nav. Updated footer. Remove forum link and DDH link. Update index.tx. Reword text so callouts are same height. Move Reddit to Community column. Update to match DDG-Publisher Footer. update footer to match DDG Sidebar.
1.20714 Mar 2017 12:25 minor feature: Visual Tweaks. Visual Tweaks. Visual Tweak and Description. Minor Word Changes. Visual Tweaks. Visual Tweaks. Text Tweak. Updated blog and DDH links to latest sites.
1.20626 Feb 2017 16:45 minor feature: Updated social media metadata. Changed template to use 'title' variable. Update 1.tx. Updates to text and footer. Update to signature. to content. Text changes. Text. Updated Text. Support for 'base' configs which allows partial definition of campaigns. Prevent signups to campaign who have already subscribed to base campaign. Restoring subject lines. Updating tests for multi-campaign verify and overlaps. Adding email template for 'b'. Modified Last Paragraph. Add Twitter Footer. Add Twitter Footer. Added Twitter Footer. Added Twitter Footer. Added Twitter Footer. Added Twitter Footer.
1.20510 Feb 2017 12:05 minor feature: Update 1.tx. Update 2.tx. Update 3.tx. Update 5.tx. Update 1.tx. Remove 600px rule for headerImage - basically disables resizing.
1.20326 Jan 2017 03:25 minor feature: Update 1.tx. Update 2.tx. Update 3.tx. Update 2.tx. Update 4.tx. Update 5.tx. Short-circuit /ideas/newidea. Subscriber columns to track bounced / feedback loop statuses. Add 'unbounced' condition to set for email. Handle subscriber bounces / complaints from SNS message. "Light" web service infrastructure - no session or DDGC user integration. Service to handle SNS subscription and bounce messages. De-verify users with permanent bounces or feedback reports. Do not return content. Status is expected to be numeric - set ok instead. Flesh out verify return block with status message. bouncedRecipients is in bounce. column name. Checking notificationType more robust than presence of complaint key. ing keys. Some stripped down mock SNS JSON messages. Basic verification that a complaint leads to email not in - unbounced. Less ambiguous sub name: verify - verify_subscription. Integrating AWS::SNS::Verify. Asserting ok on requests is always true: they return a response instance. Unconditionally set HTTP status code = status from response body in s?. Basic check incomplete SNS packet fails validation. Testing bounces/complaints de-verify DDGC users. cpanfile.
1.20010 Jan 2017 21:45 minor feature: Short-circuit /feedback/suggest (New Post) config / presentation. Hide reply buttons in forum contexts. Short-circuit comment adding route for forum contexts. Add "archived" notice to threads view. Add directions for subreddit message.
1.19924 Dec 2016 06:45 minor feature: Hiding the call for translation managers. Change dax name. Convenience functions for datetime processing and getting NOW(). Update subscriber verify to shift email schedule from verify date. Testing schedule-shifted subscribers. Short circuit verification update if it has already been done.
1.19622 Nov 2016 06:05 minor feature: Update 6.tx. Update 7.tx. Update 5.tx. Update 4.tx. Update 3.tx. Update 2.tx. Update 1.tx. update live fatheads. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages'.
1.18921 Oct 2016 18:25 minor feature: Subscriber and mail log models. "Light" web app infrastrucutre - no session or DDGC user integration. urlencode email. Add subscriber app to dev server mounts. Return success status from mailer. Subscriber search functions. Script wrapper class to email subscriber mail and verifications. Placeholder email content. Unsub URLs. Verification email placeholder content. ing email ID - this is a single char. Return SMTP Transport instance for inspection. ing column names / parameters. ing typos - extraneous fat comma on has_many, self - self. Search for whether given mail has been sent to subscriber set. ing mail log params hash. 'live' parameter to disable mailouts. hash key. Unit tests: Verification mails aren't resent, invalid addresses are s?. Updating days. '@' url encode. Set a start time. Transport has a count accessor. ing DateTime range, completing between condition. 'mails' is key, not accessor. Check verified subscribers are emailed only once on correct date. Testing no scheduled mail, unsubscribe. cron / test wrapper script. Load MockTime before other modules - DateTime needs this. Updating email content. Updating subject lines. Updating email address. Add subscribe form for testing. Replace logo image URL. Unsub / confirm templates.
1.18124 Aug 2016 23:45 minor feature: Update IA page regex to match standard format. matching for IA ID. Commit Page - send developer account URL to the backend. Release IA pages version: 0.208.0.
1.17921 Jul 2016 00:45 minor feature: Added link to the forum to the header. Added forum link to additional nav template. Updated secondary template to add forum to nav. Removed the 's'.
1.17805 Jul 2016 09:05 minor feature: IA Pages - no auth required for maintainer links to DDH Profiles. IA Pages - no auth required for contributors links to DDH Profiles. Add IA Page test for the maintainer link. remove failing test - needs more work. Release IA pages version: 0.206.0.
1.16215 Apr 2016 18:25 minor feature: Add plack script for blog JSON service. Remove blog.json mount point from blog app plack script. update file links and script. IAPage.js - update backend files extensions. with extra comma. add newlines. find all fathead/longtail files. update sql file. Merge branch 'master' into maria/files. IAPage.js - add comment. IA Pages - add README Files section for fatheads and longtails. IAPage.js - check readme files are correctly named. IAIndex.js: Remove //g flag from regexp. Removing services scripts - these now live in config mgmt. FindBin is inadequate. Fallback. dev_pipeline_detail.handlebars - comments dates don't come from beta. Helpers.js - add comment. Release IA pages version: 0.197.0.
1.15725 Mar 2016 09:05 minor feature: New IA Page: broken link in examples. Userpages - dump JSON data for each user. Userpages - remove unused code. add Xslate for JSON info. Userpages - fetch github. - typo. Userpages - create DDGC instance only once + updat?. Userpages - no need to use a template for rendering JSON. Userpages - render github data on the page. Userpages - no need for a different build dir for json dumps. userpages - delines. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages' into maria/userpages-. Userpages - github_uses id, not github_id, as foreign key for g?. Userpages - render assigned/opened and PRs in the template. Userpages - get full repo name for each. Userpages - avoid adding duplicate. Userpages - list and pull requests separately. Add space between icons and text. Userpages - pair to IAs. Userpages - fetch the corresponding IA name for each /pr. Userpages - show the IA name for each /pr in the template. Pull maintainer hash from data before insert. IAPage.js - add upper limit for chars in the description. IAPage.js - no need to truncate on number type inputs. IAPageNew.js - truncate description if longer than max value. IAPageNew.js - truncate desc to the last period if too long. IAPage.js - truncate long descriptions to the last period. Move the icon to the right. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages'. Release IA pages version: 0.194.0.
1.15624 Mar 2016 22:25 minor feature: Tabs between name and id. IAPage.js - check whether maintainer is null. Release IA pages version: 0.193.0.
1.15208 Mar 2016 12:45 minor feature: github.handlebars - mention maintainer in new. Migrations: Previously it assume that either the dropdb command would?. github.handlebars - only mention the maintainer in new GH. - for making it work on dev instances. - store is_live. - make sure we don't attempt to convert values that ?. github.handlebars - make it more obvious that we're pinging the maint?. update maintainers based on historical information. Call add_to_users for maintainers with a account. Make mintsoft the maintainer of conversions. check if already added or an admin. - we might have github accounts connected to users i?. github.handlebars - skip the maintainer line in the GH body if ?. install on beta button. - add unsafe to ia/repo/all/json. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages'. Release IA pages version: 0.189.0.
1.14722 Feb 2016 14:25 minor feature: ing admin stats links. Formatting. Restoring account / login links on blog template. add historical devs. Work around race condition in IA last updated tracker. script to find all past developers. update dev list. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages' into jd/prev-contributors. IA Pages - edit production_state on the live page. IA Pages - make sure production_state is only editable by admins. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages' into maria/edit_production_state. ?: Initial version of the hamburger navigation. Initial slideout. Add first menu group. Add log in and log out links. Add button. Hookup the old JS-aroo. Switch headers depending on screensize. IA Pages - make sure only admins can edit production_state. commit_page.handlebars - commit production_state. Stick with just the username in the label. IA Pages - edit production_state on the dev page. Adjust position of the X button. - assign the correct tab name to Cheat Sheets. - giving edit permissions to devs. - add errorlog. _header.scss: increase padding of the main container. Abe's updates. Set blockgroups for fatheads/longtails to null as they shouldn't need?. Some on the mobile header: script/ - check vars existence, just to be on the safe side. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages'. Release IA pages version: 0.184.0.
1.12422 Jan 2016 15:25 minor feature: update files. Merge branch 'master' into dev-ia-pages. IA Dev Page - disable template inputs for fatheads and longtails. IA Pages - don't even show the template field in editable mode, if ty?. IA Pages - add maintainer column. IA Pages - show and edit maintainer field. IA Pages - check that maintainer is a registered user + add to commit?. IA Pages - link to the maintainer's userpage. IA Pages - maintainer looks better on the right column + add sql. Dev Pipeline - show maintainer in the detail sidebar. Dev Pipeline - edit maintainer in the detail sidebar. New IA Wizard - set user as maintainer on IA Page creation. New IA Wizard - more useful error message for when an IA exists already. New IA Wizard - better error message when IA already exists. Add some text that will help choose an IA type. Release IA pages version: 0.164.0.
1.12007 Jan 2016 23:45 minor feature: Only post dax template when IA page has been changed. Update comment. no map :(. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages'.
1.11423 Dec 2015 06:45 minor feature: Typo and overflow. Change links. Remove some nav and footer elements. Release IA pages version: 0.156.0.
1.10807 Dec 2015 23:45 minor feature: Remove old static files. IA Page: Don't require a test machine because we default to 'beta' an?. Set `can_show` early on. remove old released static files in the grunt release task. don't delete table and grab most recent PRs open or. Gruntfile.js - need to call gitadd, attempt committing using an exec ?. Gruntfile.js - also commit package.json. package.json - revert changes. Dev IA Pages - prefer example_query over the query fetched from the b?. Change foreign key on release_version to point to get last days data. IA Pages - don't show examples as editable if dev_milestone is live. get from last day. add sql. revert changes. add new column. remove de. exlusive sic . IA Pages - draft of the next steps overlay for new contributors. Add new_contributor column to users table, defaults to 1 + set it to ?. IA Pages - basic styling for the next steps overlay. IA Pages - next steps overlay - further styling. IA Pages - next steps overlay - add links, better wording, more styling. IA Pages - next steps overlay on button click. _dev.scss - add some bottom margin to the next-steps-button. Keep unversioned content.css for static error pages. Typo - missing comma. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages'. Release IA pages version: 0.149.0. Removing Claiming an Idea functionality - controller and template. Remove 'claimed by...' in the idea titles. ideas/sidebar.tx - remove links to claimed and unclaimed ideas views. email/iaclaim.tx - remove since we don't need it anymore. new_ia.tx - change fields order. Directly port publisher's duckduckhack root module to a script module. Scritp wrapper for docs module. Adding Markdent dependency to cpanfile. Copy docs templates from publisher. Dump rendered output into a directory. We don't care about the git history - restrict clone depth. Removing old pages hash. Get docs content from file cache rather than make_path not used here. Do not evaluate self- pages for each iteration. -
1.10322 Nov 2015 05:45 minor feature: Pipeline: Start base font-size at 13px. Adjust font-sizes. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages' into jag/design-. Pipeline: Hide the select text for IE and Edge. Pipeline: Increase padding between Type and Title. Pipeline: Lighten blue of elements with.selected. IA Dev Page - add blockgroup on the right column. IA Dev Page - append allowed options to the blockgroup dropdown. IA Dev Page - commit blockgroup on change. - don't accept empty string as blockgroup value, tur?. Overview Page - add button and overlay for creating an IA Page from a?. IA Overview - style the modals. IA Overview - set up basic endpoint + reset val and appearance of inp?. IA Overview - more styling for the modals. New IA Page - create endpoint for the new IA flow experiment. - ia/new_ia: redirect to login/signup if the user is?. This script will be run interactively, dump error to STDERR. Quick script to populate dev IA date from /ia/repo/all/json. New IA flow - start populating the page. Allow request parameter to fetch JSON for all IA milestones. New IA flow - add all elements from the prototype. New IA flow - add style. Give sort a default value - absence commonly throwing exceptions. New IA flow - send data to the endpoint for page creation + add name ?. New IA flow - change ia/create/ endpoint to handle the data hash + ca?. IAOverview.js - update new ia modal to send data in a JSON stringifie?. IAIndex.js - URL parameters filtering needs to happen inside.ready(). Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev-ia-pages' into jag/design-. ia from pr and get first comment. Gruntfile.js: Prevent normal build from generating release file. Add new animation for the screenshot loader. Prevent `grunt watch` from creating release files. Wear disclaimer. IA Dev Page - check beta install when deciding whether to show the sc?. IAPage.js - match 'success' using a regex. revert changes to pacjage.json. IADevPipeline.js - match 'success' in the beta install status using a?.
1.09606 Nov 2015 06:05 minor feature: Moving around the HTML to make way for the blue bar. Pipeline: Style the blue bar. dev_pipeline.tx: Only show "New IA Page" if the user is an admin. Only apply the blue bar on the dev pipeline. _pipeline.scss: Simplify auto margins. Put some of the z-index values in a single file. Adjust the top padding of the action sidebar. Simplify the navigation. IADevPipeline.js - priority function. - fetch user for last comment and last commit aut?. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages' into maria/priority_function. Dev Pipeline - filter by last activity author. Dev Pipeline - check whether last_update exists. Dev Pipeline - only show the needs attention filter to admins. IADevPipeline.js - if one IA is selected holding shift, don't show an?. Nix deoutput. IA Pages - asana button. IA Pages - asana button. IA Pages - style the asana button. Dev Pipeline - toggle filters by clicking on them and clear all filte?. Dev Pipeline - remove 'PR' from rows. Filters: Add some breathing room between the IAs and the blue bar. Sidebar: Style the sidebar. set up parameters for priority sorting. merge conflicts. Sidebar: Align with the filters. Increase the font-size of the input and textboxes. Reduce font-weight of the comments. Align some icons. Logged out sidebar should look good too. IADevPipeline.js - apply priority sorting after updating data. Dev Pipeline - add dropdown with sorting options. Dev Pipeline - sorting by priority is only available to admins. Dev Pipeline - add github username to the comments in the sidebar. Add blue border around the input box when focused. merge conflicts. Style the sort dropdown. get data. Dev Pipeline - add priority message in the sidebar (only for admins). Move button for creating new IAs to the dev home (ia/dev). Dev Pipeline - show icon-link on hover and lose the link on the ia name. Dev Pipeline - apply new style to all columns. Dev Pipeline - elapsed time has a strikethrough when the PR is. _pipeline.scss - blue border on ho
1.09421 Oct 2015 09:45 minor feature: Dev Pipeline - move actions to a sidebar. Dev Pipeline - style the actions sidebar. Dev Pipeline - save updates to multiple IAs on change and refresh Han?. Dev Pipeline - add dev machine field to the actions sidebar. Dev Pipeline - add perl module and template fields to the actions sid?. Stop emailing deleted user accounts. Dev Pipeline - add producer and contributors fields in the actions si?. - check producer is an admin in the save_multiple en?. Dev Pipeline - actually, remove contributors from actions for now. Added new fonts for the platform. - decode PR tags on the pipeline endpoint. Dev Pipeline - add.important class to IAs with high priority tag in ?. Dev Pipeline - filter by priority. _pipeline.scss: "F" and "L" content should be applied to :before elem?. _pipeline.scss: Add.on-hold class. Dev Pipeline - change filter by missing info to filter all missing in?. Dev Pipeline - add counts next to filters + styling. typo. _pipeline.scss: Add underline under the filter. pipeline.scss: Add some breathing room between icon and number. IADevPipeline - URL params. Dev Pipeline - add to the page sidebar some fields that are also edit?. Dev Pipeline - add at_mentions filter. Merge branch 'master' into dev-ia-pages. Release IA pages version: 0.133.0. dev_pipeline.handlebars - check pr key exists (getting false po?. Release IA pages version: 0.134.0.
1.08905 Oct 2015 13:25 minor feature: _pipeline.scss: Change style of the column headers. _pipeline: Add background color to the columns. Dev Pipeline - update count when filtering. dev_pipeline.tx - add selected count and deselect all elements. _pipeline.scss: Style the items. Dev Pipeline - handle deselect all click event. _pipeline.scss: Smaller font size for the items. _pipeline.scss: Make the font look crisp. _pipeline.scss: Up the font-weight back to 600. Dev Pipeline - count selected items. _pipeline.scss: Make the elapsed time a little bit darker. ?. Use proper grids for the pipeline. Merge branch 'master' into dev-ia-pages. Helpers.js - format the returned elapsed time differently. Dev Pipeline - float milestone counts on the right. IADevPipeline.js - mismatched action options on reload. Pipeline (CSS + HTML): Change appearance of type badges. Pipeline (CSS + HTML): Make sure the text wrap aligns properly. _pipeline.scss: Add a class for selecting items. _pipeline.scss: Add class for important items. _pipeline.scss: Remove the border-radius on the left side. IADevPipeline.js - make use of the new.selected class to highlight t?. pipeline.scss - less margin-right on the show activity details element. IADevPipeline.js - remove selected class from list items when deselec?. Dev Pipeline - remove filter by producer and developer but add them i?. Release IA pages version: 0.128.0.
1.08425 Sep 2015 23:45 minor feature: Add 'updated' time stamp column to instant_answer. Method to get 'global' instant_answer last modified datetime. Add Last-Modified header to IA Page requests. Typo - should use formatter setter. Return DateTime instance for IA rs last_modified, formatting req'd later. Migrating "index" last modified stamp to ialist base route handler. Get, set last modified header for individual IA JSON. Add DateTime::Format::HTTP to cpanfile. Use RS instance instead of result array. Set iarepo last modified from RS instance. Extract last-modified / detach on HEAD request to sub. Stringify last modified upfront. Short-circuit request processing on 304. Return Unix epoch date if we don't have a max updated for query. Use DateTime arithmetic for `If-Modified-Since` check. Use get_column for MAX( updated ). if-modified condition. Add 'all' handler for repo JSON, i.e. /ia/repo/all/json. Add topics join to iarepo query plan, once we know we are serving it. Round DateTimes to second, Last-Modified doesn't do sub-second resolu?.
1.08322 Sep 2015 02:45 minor feature: Ideas - add input for the ia name in the newidea form + add ia_name c?. - assign the properly formatted ia_name as meta_id for the n?. idea/view.tx - add IA name and move the IA Page link outside of the d?. idea_form.tx - use IA Page name if available for the name field when ?. - if ia_name is empty, set IA Page name to the idea title an?. idea_form.tx - update placeholder and title for the ia_name field, th?. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages' of Merge branch 'master' into dev-ia-pages. Release IA pages version: 0.125.0.
1.08014 Sep 2015 00:05 minor feature: get template. get template. starting script for finding templates for existing pages. assign producer. progress bar. progress bar. skip looking up user for now. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages' into jd/pr-template. - check if the github login is tied to a admin fo?. find templates. Dev Pipeline - don't display hours, just display days + title with fu?. templates work. remove unused stuff. comment and clean up. Dev Pipeline - display elapsed time in days. Dev Pipeline - show activity details (last comment, last commit) for ?. Dev Pipeline - update all milestones columns with the new activity de?. Dev Pipeline - add checkbox for toggling activity details. Merge branch 'master' into dev-ia-pages. Release IA pages version: 0.122.0.
1.07908 Sep 2015 12:45 minor feature: Add a search bar in the dev pipeline. Dev Pipeline: Move the searchbox to be aligned with the pager buttons. Dev Pipeline - show elapsed time since last activity + use moment.js. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages' into maria/elapsed_time. Dev Pipeline - remove content-wrap + style tweaks. Helpers.js - add comments. _global.scss - add comments. Dev Pipeline - sort by most recent activity. add _pipeline.scss. remove generated css. - add comments. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages' into maria/activity_sort. Ideas Forum - unclaim idea when the status is updated to 'live' or 'd?. apparently it was fine to have content.css changes committed. Dev Pipeline - get PR in the JSON endpoint. Dev Pipeline - get PR link. Dev Pipeline - show link to PR if available. style tweaks. Merge branch 'master' into dev-ia-pages. Release IA pages version: 0.121.0.
1.07221 Aug 2015 07:05 minor feature: Create IA Page from Idea thread when a user claims it. forum link in the IA Page. Add IA Page link to the idea thread after the page creation. Release IA pages version: 0.116.0.
1.06913 Aug 2015 02:05 minor feature: Release IA pages version: 0.112.0. Dev Page Redesign - fix section group fields committing. Dev Page Redesign - add fallback for live editable page checkboxes.
1.06327 Jul 2015 07:25 minor feature: Bump DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Serializer to 0.07 in cpanfile. Bump JSON::MaybeXS to 1.003005 in cpanfile. Merge branch 'master' into dev. Merge branch 'dev' into dev-ia-pages. Only redirect HTTP(s) URLs. Merge branch 'master' into dev. Merge branch 'master' of int?. Merge branch 'master' of int?. Merge branch 'dev-community'. Release IA pages version: 0.107.0.
1.06123 Jul 2015 10:45 minor feature: Fix column type for scope_ columns. Fix scope columns. Fix typo in column name. Convert isa_owners_team_member to an int. Updated isa_owners_team_member from boolean to int. convert from boolean to integer. Convert from boolean to integer. Temporarilt disable / hide GitHub account linking. Remove user capitalize. Remove userpage JSON link. Don't die when a user is not found.
1.05812 Jul 2015 16:05 minor feature: - remove unused code for setting the developer, sinc?. Release IA pages version: 0.103.0.
1.05608 Jul 2015 13:05 minor feature: gitignore: don't ignore built ddgc.css and ia.css. Add ddgc.css and ia.css. Allow numbers in blog title - url conversion. Fix blog link in notification. Replace various controller-based blog links. Deprecating OpenID - it has few users and low utility. Supporting new window links isn't worth the hassle. Fix generated HTML content tag closing. No need to add ia.css in the repo. Lose BBCode controls on blog input form. Add existing users_id to form fields when editing. Retain original users_id where it's provided. Stop requiring editor == author. Hack function to create notification system entries for new posts. Call notification system function on post create. We really don't care if this fails. Yet another "remove debugging" commit - my kingdom for a git hook. Fix typo in blog link for notifications. Stop using xslate results call for help categories. Stop using xslate results call for notifications. Stop using xslate results call for following view. Use plural 'friends' in followup question. Stop using xslate results call for token_domains. Stop using xslate results call for last update users. Stop using xslate results call for help / categories admin. Stop using xslate results call for language / countries admin. Stop using xslate results call for forum sidebars. Stop using xslate results call for reports moderation. Remove commented out block - this is what revision control is for. - check and eventually replace weird chars in id bef?. Helper function to return an arrayref of all results. Stop using xslate results call for help pages. Dev Pipeline - redirect to the new page using the saved ID + make the?. Stop using xslate results call for comment, forum, idea threads. Stop using xslate results call for userpage language parts. Stop using xslate results call for notification rendering. Stop using xslate results call for userpage blog. Stop using xslate results call on translation pages. Stop using xslate results call on various userpages.
1.05229 Jun 2015 21:45 minor feature: Adding new full-time contributors. Remove non-IA related projects. Restrict projects further - just count zeroclickinfo-*. Use custom 404 template without email address. IA Pages - add URL params filtering to the Issues page. Overview page - exclude IA Pages without live_date on the left column?. Overview Page - show dates next to IA Pages. lc() should be applied to value, not list. is_nullalbe is_nullable for IA columns. DDL for nullable columns. Fix blog sorting for RDBMSes that aren't newer postgres. text changes to footer. Do not pass ddg links through meta refresh redir. Release IA pages version: 0.94.0. fixed typo. Perform redirect for hosts that aren't this and ddg. Make dot replace global. Flesh out string escaping for use in hostname regex. Issues Page - get list of issues sorted by date in addition to issues?. Issues Page - add repo badge, issue date and author. Issues Page - style tweaks + fix URL params bug. Fix sidebar internal forum link. Remove 'everything' forum view link. Non-private users are "hidden", not "nobody". Issues Page - UI allows sorting either by IA or by date. Issues Page - add sorting to URL params + style tweaks. Issues Page - more style fixes. Issues Page - radio buttons instead of checkboxes for sort options. Issues Page - cursor: pointer for radio inputs. Quick, dirty script to list object instances created for a set of req?. Move DDGC::Util::Markup instantiation out to app. Load Markup renderer in default Plugin / DSL setup. Use App's Util::Markup instance to render blog posts / comments. dont update any existing data from the db. comments. Merge branch 'master' into dev. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages' into dev. Merge branch 'dev-community' into dev. Release IA pages version: 0.95.0.
1.04516 Jun 2015 19:45 minor feature: Move to using bower when fetching 3rd-party SCSS. update IA page fields if pr changed. added comment. IAPage.js - use getGroupVals() when adding or changing topic, too. IA Overview Page - fix btn--primary style. Release IA pages version: 0.90.0. Merge branch 'dev-ia-pages'.
1.04412 Jun 2015 11:05 minor feature: Don't generate HTML docs for DuckPAN uploads. Remove CPAN::Documentation::HTML from cpanfile dependencies. use to_json and from_json. skip pr field when rebuilding. added ddg attribution. IA Dev Pages - move perl module to back-end, topics to the top of the?. IA Dev Page - minor style tweaks on the top of the page. ia.tx - switch left and right column on the dev page. IA Dev Page - hide testing when no screenshot is available. IA Dev Page - add Data Source section. _dev.scss: remove.third because it's already defined. IA Dev Page - reorganize the base_info section. Add testing and screens in its own div. Merge branch 'maria/dev_page_3' of IA Dev Pages - move ID to the right column. Merge branch 'maria/dev_page_3' of IA Dev Page - restore correct alignment in the advanced section. Testing and Advanced are properly aligned. Switch from.quarter to.twothirds. Use mg-top--big. Merge branch 'maria/dev_page_3' into jag/dev_page. IAPage.js: Clear.ia-single--wide--testing before doing anything. IA Dev Page - move ID away from top again. IA Pages - fix broken screenshot on live pages. Fix alignment of Type and Topics. Merge branch 'maria/dev_page_3' of Remove extra margin on static page. IA Dev Page - append all the panels to.ia-single--wide and use.twot?. IA Dev Page - fix switching to static view. Merge branch 'maria/dev_page_3' of IA Dev Page - remove left from ID. IAPage.js - fix screenshot button disabled when switching between sta?. Align items. Merge branch 'maria/dev_page_3' of Add more margin between the rows. metafields.handlebars: Add margin. Add margins. _dev.scss: remove empty declaration. Tweaks on base_info_content.handlebars. Merge branch 'maria/dev_page_3' of IA Dev Page - fix permissions. More spacing. Merge branch 'maria/dev_page_3'
1.04208 Jun 2015 04:45 minor feature: Add 'Develop' button linking to DDH docs. Add button style. Shift buttons left a little to re-centre them. Reducing width of header-nav li to 20 - 5 nav items. Remove Memory debug panel. Add option to dev server script - hide debug panel. Don't return an address for apparently deleted users. IA Dev Page - handle void values more gracefully on the static view. _dev.scss: Remove margin-top from the very first section header. _dev.scss: Disabled button colors need to be white. _dev.scss: Divider needs to be in the middle. _ia.scss: A tad less space between the section headers. _dev.scss: Add more space below the screenshot. IA Dev Page - make developer editing easier. contributors_content.handlebars: Add the right classes in the buttons. add pr field and dev_milestone to end point. _dev.scss: Properly color the as green. remove pr field. contributors_content.handlebars: Fix the style of the saved devs. IA Dev Page - restrict click event triggering to just the div.button. fix merge conflicts. fix merge conflicts. IA Dev Page - don't save developer if username is invalid. _dev.scss: tag is now colored red when the input is invalid. _ia.scss: Don't add a border around the button at all when saving. IA Dev Pages -...and save developer field if username is valid. IA Dev Page - fix saving developer field. fix merge conflicts. Fix broken in live edit page. Merge branch 'maria/improvements_2' of IA Dev Page - restore user check on select change. contributors_content.handlebars - separate devs using commas on the s?. IA Pages - fix switching between live and edited view inside name.han?. Merge branch 'master' into dev. Release IA pages version: 0.87.0. Merge branch 'dev'.
1.02601 Apr 2015 16:25 minor feature: Dummy release to verify duckpan dist upload improvement.
1.02120 Mar 2015 10:05 minor feature: Dev Pipeline - live view - filter by issue tags. Dev Page - switch from editable to static view without logging out. Dev Pipeline - add filters on the dev view. - make ia/pipeline/ redirect to ia/pipeline/dev. Dev Page - no need to reload when changing type or team values. Increased contrast in header text to pass WCAG 2.
1.02016 Mar 2015 18:05 minor feature: Dev Pipeline - live view - filter by issue tags Dev Page - switch from editable to static view without logging out Dev Pipeline - add filters on the dev view - make ia/pipeline/ redirect to ia/pipeline/dev Dev Page - no need to reload when changing type or team values Increased contrast in header text to pass WCAG 2 ( @tagawa )
1.01813 Mar 2015 03:17 minor feature: Dev Pipeline - live view - filter by issue tags Dev Page - switch from editable to static view without logging out Dev Pipeline - add filters on the dev view - make ia/pipeline/ redirect to ia/pipeline/dev Dev Page - no need to reload when changing type or team values Increased contrast in header text to pass WCAG 2 ( @tagawa )
1.01118 Feb 2015 17:25 minor feature: IA Pages - Editable milestone for admins ( @MariagraziaAlastra ) Bugfixes and transaction support for ghissues ( @jdorweiler ) IA Pages - Styling, alignment fixes ( @jagtalon ) /wear page behaviour changes
1.00814 Feb 2015 18:25 minor feature: IA Pages - Editable milestone for admins ( @MariagraziaAlastra ) Bugfixes and transaction support for ghissues ( @jdorweiler ) IA Pages - Styling, alignment fixes ( @jagtalon ) /wear page behaviour changes
1.00708 Feb 2015 02:05 minor feature: IA Pages - Editable milestone for admins ( @MariagraziaAlastra ) Bugfixes and transaction support for ghissues ( @jdorweiler ) IA Pages - Styling, alignment fixes ( @jagtalon ) /wear page behaviour changes
1.00631 Jan 2015 15:45 minor feature: Fixes for submission of translation token notes in various views. IA Pages - bring back page editing ( @MariagraziaAlastra ) IA Pages - use search() to get multiple rows for issues ( @MariagraziaAlastra ) IA Pages - show latest edits if the user has the right permissions ( @MariagraziaAlastra ) IA Pages - Updated create new issue link target ( @MariagraziaAlastra ) IA Pages - add toggle-view button to switch between live and edited data ( @MariagraziaAlastra ) Fix ghIssues script and use HTTP::Tiny to retrieve GitHub API data ( @jdorweiler ) IA Pages edit mode visual tweaks ( @MariagraziaAlastra @jagtalon ) IA Pages - prevent adding duplicated topics ( @MariagraziaAlastra ) ddgc_db_autoupgrade renamed to ddgc_schema_diff - script is for info only Allow ComLeaders to delete threads Updating prerequisites to ensure Travis builds run correctly
1.00517 Jan 2015 03:45 minor feature: Fix crash when non-existant IA idea requested IA Pages feature leaves alpha! ( @MariagraziaAlastra @jdorweiler @russellholt )
1.00410 Jan 2015 23:45 minor feature: Fix crash when non-existant IA idea requested. IA Pages feature leaves alpha.
1.00206 Jan 2015 03:16 minor feature: Fix crash when non-existant IA idea requested IA Pages feature leaves alpha! ( @MariagraziaAlastra @jdorweiler @russellholt )
1.00118 Dec 2014 05:25 minor feature: Fix crash when non-existant IA idea requested IA Pages feature leaves alpha! ( @MariagraziaAlastra @jdorweiler @russellholt )
1.00013 Dec 2014 03:15 minor feature: Fix crash when non-existant IA idea requested IA Pages feature leaves alpha! ( @MariagraziaAlastra @jdorweiler @russellholt )
0.99922 Nov 2014 03:15 minor feature: Fix crash when non-existant IA idea requested IA Pages feature leaves alpha! ( @MariagraziaAlastra @jdorweiler @russellholt )
0.99818 Nov 2014 13:05 minor bugfix: Fix crash when non-existant IA idea requested. IA Pages feature is now considered stable.