Ecere Cross Platform SDK 0.44.15

* Compiler for the eC Language * Cross-Platform API * 2D Graphics Engine (Bitmaps, Fonts...) * Networking Library (Sockets, Remote objects, HTTP) * Development Environment (Code Editor, Projects, Debugging, Form designer) * Graphical User Interface * 3D Graphics Engine * Database Access (SQLite support) * Build System (Generate cross-platform Makefiles)

Tags ide gui 3d graphics networking cross platform ec build system
License BSDL
State mature

Recent Releases

0.44.1502 Sep 2016 08:45 major feature: * Web Support through Emscripten and WebGL * 3D Graphics Improvements (OpenGL) - Support for Shaders (WebGL, Core/Compatibility profiles, OpenGL ES 2) - Phong Shading Using Shaders - Environment Mapping and Cube Maps (Support for Reflection and Refraction) - Normals Mapping Support - Fixed and improved lighting - Computed Normals Weighting for smoother surfaces - Optimizations * Font Outline Support * Fixed text extent computation to account for overhang of italic fonts * ECON Support (ECON is a JSON superset, dropping quotes, supporting hexadecimal, multi-line strings, comments, derived classes, and mapping directly to eC instantiations -- ) * ECON based IDE configuration (split options, recent files/projects and compilers individually stored in separate files, all in /.ecereIDE/) * ECON based Documentor (Documentation data can now be text-diffed with git etc.) * ECON based Color Scheme and Font Selection in Global Settings * Sortable Containers * Distributed Objects Fixes Improvements * Renamed IDE binary to less generic name (ide == ecere-ide) * Fixed building with GCC 6 (Compiler was generating bad __attribute__ specifiers with spaces rather than commas) * (Windows) Fixes for TDM-GCC 5 * Android: Fixes to run on newer versions * X: Fixed NumPad key definitions * Build system Fixes Improvements * Other Fixes Improvements
0.44.1414 Jan 2016 08:02 minor bugfix: Compiler: Fixed generating __extension__ expression with mismatched parentheses. Addressed build reproducibility issues. Documentor: Minor fixes. Spelling fixes. GUI/ListBox: Fixed clearing cell data.
0.44.1325 Dec 2015 19:51 minor bugfix: Bug fix / Support release EDA: 64 bit Id types EDA/Reports: Optimization of Reports Generation EDA/Reports: Fixed multi-level grouping issues Object::Merge(): Fixed problem introduced in 0.44.12 Compiler: Solving alignment issues Compiler: Solving signature/call mismatch (Emscripten) Compiler: Fixes for Map/AVLTree with float or double values ListBox: Fixed Tree View row moving TabControl: Support to add/remove tabs Android: Multi-Touch and Double Click support IDE/Form Designer: Fixed control properties modified when they should not IDE/Property Sheet: Fixed counter-intuitive selection colors Documentor: Fixed missing spacing ODROID Support samples/guiAndGfx: New 'mekano' sample