Eric IDE 6.0.4

Eric is an IDE for Python and Ruby. Version 5 is based on Python2, Qt4 and Scintilla. It provides unlimited editor windows and layout, syntax checking and highlighting, autocompletion, calltips, folding, brace matching, spell checking, search and replace. It includes a class browser, various VCS interfaces, collaboration features, documentation helpers, and a remote debugger for Python and Ruby, unit testing, profiling and code coverage stats, and an interactive Python shell. Command-line filters or hooks can be run from the IDE, such as cx_freeze or PyLink.

Tags python ide debugger programmers
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

6.0.408 Apr 2015 00:45 minor bugfix: Fixed an issue causing wrong display of manually invoked calltips when auto-caltips were disabled. Extended the fix for UserInterface including @pyqtSlot() decorator due to some PyQr5 quirkyness.
6.0.118 Jan 2015 20:19 minor bugfix: Corrected a little typo and improved the .desktop file generation. Added capability to search in the output of Diff dialogs of the various VCS interfaces. Modified code to always associate .py and .pyw with sources for Python2 and Python3 projects. Updated Spanish and Russian translations.
6.0.028 Dec 2014 17:45 major feature: Eric 6.0.0 has been released. It replaces eric 5.5.x line of development. It has basically the same functionality and is usable with any combination of Python2 or Python3, Qt5 or Qt4 and PyQt5 or PyQt4. All these on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms.
5.5.210 Dec 2014 00:45 major bugfix: Fix in the installer script.
5.5.026 Oct 2014 06:02 major feature: eric5 5.5.0 has been released. It replaces both eroc 5.4.x and eric 4.5.x and is usable with both Python3 and Python2. Implemented a background service which execute Python2 and Python3 scripts in the background independent of the current interpreter. Added Portugese translations, updated pep8 to 1.5.6, updated pyflakes to version 0.8.1 (Python 3.4.0 compatible), added syntax checker for JavaScript files, added capability to check multiple files from the project sources browser Debugger updated coverage to 3.7.1, enabled coverage info in Python2 projects. Editor: added a scrolling map like display showing all markers, added a context menu entry to reload a file with a given encoding, added a lexer for Qt style sheet files (when upgrading from older eric versions a change of the lexer association for *.qss files needs to be done via the configuration dialog), added support for the QScintilla Gettext lexer (QsciLexerPO) as of QScintilla 2.8.2, added support for the QScintilla CoffeeScript lexer (QsciLexerCoffeeScript) as of QScintilla 2.8.3. Multi Project: added support for the categorisation of projects and changed the multi project file format, changed multi project file format to contain relative paths to the contained project files. Plugin Manager: extended the plugin repository dialog to allow to hide unwanted entries and cleanup the plugin downloads area, implemented the Python2 compatibility check for plug-ins (new boolean flag 'python2Compatible', Project: added support for JavaScript projects, added code to move deleted files/directories to the recycle bin falling back to removing them (os.remove), if send2trash cannot be imported due to missing dependencies Project Forms Browser, added functionality to modify some form code creation options (see Qt configuration page), Version Control System Interfaces: All: made the status LED (right lower corner) clickable (depending on overall VCS status it will show the log browser or the statu
5.4.705 Oct 2014 13:57 minor bugfix: Updated source documentation and translations. Added functionality to modify pyuic options. Little improvement to the VCS status monitor. Changed multi project files to contain relative paths to the contained project files. Fixed an issue with the enabled state of the multi project browser. Fixed issues in the style checker checking projects with empty files. Changed the default project type to PyQt5. Completed the PyQt4 compatibility work. Enhanced the web browser speed dial page. Added DuckDuckGo to the list of default search engines.
5.4.611 Aug 2014 00:11 minor bugfix: This version is a pure bugfix release. Basic Ruby ( 1.9) support was restored. Possible exception on fixing code styles fixed (only Python2). Improved install script for non-root installations.