FileZilla 3.67.1

FileZilla is a feature-rich FTP, FTPS and SSH FTP client, with support for all major plattforms. All tools are designed to aid moving and synchronizing files between local and remote file or webservers. It even allows multi-target uploading or editing files in-place. FileZilla also sports IPv6, a tabbed interface, resuming up and downloads, transfer speed limits, large files over 4GB, server and bookmark management, drag and drop, filtering, HTTPS / SOCKS5 / FTP proxying, and remote file searching.

Tags c ftp ftps file-transfer
License GNU GPL
State development

Recent Releases

3.67.111 Jul 2024 14:45 minor bugfix: MSW: an with confirmation dialogs for file deletion not being modal. Updated to libfilezilla 0.48.1.
3.67.1-rc128 Jun 2024 18:05 minor bugfix: an migrating old queue files if several older versions have been skipped. Updated to libfilezilla 0.48.0.
3.67.016 Apr 2024 10:05 major bugfix: SFTP: PuTTY ECDSA NIST P-521 private key recovery vulnerability (CVE-2024-31497). If you use NIST P-521 keys to connect to SSH/SFTP servers, you should regenerate them and revoke the previous ones. Official binaries are now built against GnuTLS 3.8.4. Updated to libfilezilla 0.47.0.
3.66.508 Feb 2024 12:45 minor bugfix: Official binaries are now built againt GnuTLS 3.8.3. Updated to libfilezilla 0.46.0. MSW: tab navigation over message log.
3.66.3-beta108 Dec 2023 03:17 minor bugfix: MacOS: Now also distributing aarch64 binaries. MacOS: for language detection. a potential crash in the HTTP client.
3.66.0-rc112 Oct 2023 07:05 minor bugfix: Crash removing items from the list of file extensions treated as text files. Potental crash if shutting down HTTP client. HTTP timeouts.
3.65.011 Jul 2023 03:16 major bugfix: Comparative search can now also be used if sorted by path. an in comparative search in directories with uppercase letters.
3.64.0-rc114 Apr 2023 03:25 minor bugfix: MSW: Additionsl icon sizing on high DPI scale factors. Updated to libfilezilla 0.42.0. Switched to.tar.xz for source tarballs. Mar 2023 07:05 minor bugfix: macOS: Several rendering in dark mode. macOS: Disable automatic quote/dash substitution in text input fields. MSW: an with Drag Drop to Explorer on systems that use shortened 8.3 pathnames in environment variables. MSW: If FileZilla was installed for current user only, updating with the installer now skips the UAC prompt. Updated to libfilezilla 0.41.1 to a rare crash. Official binaries are now built againt GnuTLS 3.8.0.
3.63.224 Feb 2023 03:16 minor bugfix: macOS: Several rendering in dark mode. macOS: Disable automatic quote/dash substitution in text input fields. MSW: an with Drag Drop to Explorer on systems that use shortened 8.3 pathnames in environment variables. MSW: If FileZilla was installed for current user only, updating with the installer now skips the UAC prompt. Updated to libfilezilla 0.41.1 to a rare crash. Official binaries are now built againt GnuTLS 3.8.0.
3.63.025 Jan 2023 03:25 major bugfix: All official FileZilla binares now link against wxWidgets 3.2.1. a potential crash when closing FileZilla. MacOS: tree control scroll position not following the foucsed item. MacOS: an preventing translations into some languages to be loaded.
3.62.118 Nov 2022 03:16 minor bugfix: a crash if main menu events arrive while a dialog is already open. MacOS: an with keyboard shortcuts. MacOS: selected item count in file list status bars. MacOS: graphical corruption in some controls.
3.61.0-beta107 Sep 2022 21:25 minor bugfix: Use improved asynchronous file readers/writers from libfilezilla. export of root items in the Site Manager. Handle rare cases of non-existing download directory in the update.
3.60.223 Jul 2022 07:45 minor feature: Updated to libfilezilla 0.38.1 to address an with child process termination resulting in freezes.
3.60.028 May 2022 07:25 major bugfix: SFTP: error handling if reading from child process fails. Transfers following recursive operations not starting if the connection limit has been set to 1 in the Site Manager.
3.59.009 Apr 2022 03:16 major bugfix: Windows binaries: Updated zlib, used purely to cache re-scaled versions of icons shipped with FileZilla, to 1.2.12. Updated to libfilezilla 0.37.1.
3.59.0-rc102 Apr 2022 06:45 minor bugfix: Updated to libfilezilla 0.37.0. Non-blocking communication with SFTP process. macOS, *nix: "All files" category in file picker dialogs.
3.58.0-rc104 Feb 2022 06:45 minor bugfix: Negotiate custom ALPN with FileZilla Server =1.3.0 during TLS handshake to save some roundtrips during connection establishment. Prepare FileZilla to support TOTP-based 2FA authentication on future FileZilla Server versions. Made downloading updates more robust if the network connection is unreliable. Updated to libfilezilla 0.36.0.
3.57.011 Dec 2021 03:16 major bugfix: Incorrect default settings for file editing. a crash looking up data in file lists. a crash if a HTTPS connection gets canceled during the TLS handshake. Updated to libfilezilla 0.35.0.
3.56.127 Oct 2021 06:45 minor bugfix: MacOS Monterey: Opening the Site Manager on startup is now delayed a millisecond, otherwise the right mouse button would have stopped working. MacOS: getting temporary directory. MSW: Updated to libfilezilla 0.34.1 to local directory contents returned by the system in oversized buffers containing nulls.
3.56.0-rc130 Sep 2021 07:05 minor bugfix: Right-clicking a queue tab header now opens the same context menu as right-clicking the correponding queue contents. By default, the minimum allowed TLS version is now TLS 1.2. Optionally, the systen trust store can be used for certificate verification. FTP: an with key file conversion. an loading servers not supporting session resumption from storage.
3.55.110 Aug 2021 13:25 minor bugfix: a crash if a tree view items are deleted at the same time as something is being dragged over the tree view. Updated to libfilezilla 0.31.1 to an with SIGPIPE on *nix.
3.55.0-rc103 Jul 2021 07:45 minor bugfix: Updated SFTP components. Set appropriate ALPN on TLS connections. loading of settings files that were moved between platforms. Refactored updater internals.
3.54.0-rc105 May 2021 06:45 minor bugfix: Refactored network activity handling, the activity indicators tooltips now display more accurate data. Updated SFTP components. Small performance improvement sorting very last directory listings. a crash changing numeric permissions value in chmod dialog.
3.53.123 Mar 2021 06:45 minor bugfix: Removed an error message on new installation where there is no sitemanager.xml yet. SOCKS5 proxy support.
3.53.0-rc106 Mar 2021 12:25 minor bugfix: Require explicit confirmation on FTP servers not supporting TLS session esumption on the data connection. Access Grant support for Tardigrade. MSW: handle leak if using SFTP. FTP: cancelling listings on very slow computers with extremely fast network connection. loading of custom FTP proxy setting when opening the settings dialog. Internal restructuring.
3.52.219 Jan 2021 11:45 minor bugfix: When restoring the main window position at startup, detect if the title bar would become hidden behind taskbars or global menu bars and reposition it appropriately. SFTP: preserving of timestamps on downloads. Jan 2021 11:25 minor bugfix: FTP: crash if downloading ASCII files with stray carriage returns. Too strict requirements for preallocation. *nix: a memory leak.
3.52.0-rc130 Dec 2020 03:16 minor bugfix: Added context menu item in the search dialog to the search and set the selected directory as the current local/remote directory. Minor for updating the HTTP transfer status.
3.52.0-beta118 Dec 2020 03:16 minor bugfix: Use asynchronous file readers/writers in the engine. MSW: React to system color scheme changes. splitters not being draggable on newly created tabs. MSW: data directory lookup if run from a development environment.
3.51.021 Oct 2020 07:05 major bugfix: import of sites protected with a different master password. Directory comparison now works correctly with non-default file name sorting settings. Small search dialog.
3.51.0-rc114 Oct 2020 12:05 minor bugfix: Refactored how the queue stores transfer flags. Refactored internals to be more modular. Linux: Disable receive buffer tuning if it results in unexpected consequences. Distinguish between Cancel and No in the file changed dialog. Small to changing or disabling a master password.
3.49.0-rc108 Jul 2020 15:25 minor bugfix: MSW: Tab bar icons now scale on high-DPI displays. The sizing and spacing of several dialogs has been improved on high-DPI displays. MSW: visual glitches when changing the selected site in the Site Manager. When creating a new tab, the pane sizes are now inherited from the previous tab. macOS: Additional for handling Cmd+V, Cmd+C and Cmd+X in text input controls. Refactored internal settings and option handling.
3.48.120 May 2020 03:45 minor bugfix: If FileZilla is configured to restore open tabs on startup, the directory trees no longer shrink in size.
3.48.1-rc113 May 2020 16:45 minor bugfix: MSW: The settings directory is now initially created with tight permissions restricted to the user's account. Previously the directory could have had inherited too wide permissions if a custom location outside the user's profile directory had been preconfigured. Redesigned certificate dialog. During directory comparison and comparative search, Ctrl+Shift+A can now be used to select only the highlighted files. Import of settings. Local file editing if the option to track local file changes had been disabled. to storing associations.
3.48.0-rc122 Apr 2020 01:45 minor bugfix: Overhaul of file associations for editing files. The setting to inherit system associations has been removed. When first editing a type of file with no default editor set, a dialog is shown asking which editor to use. The system associatio, if it exists, is a choice in this dialog. SFTP: Re-added support for AES-GCM which was accidentally removed in 3.46.1. for comparative search leaving the program in an inconsistent state when closing the dialog during an ongoing search. Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.20.0 (
3.47.212 Mar 2020 03:05 minor bugfix: MacOS: Potential for clipped text labels on a few systems. SFTP: Backported selected from developement versions of PuTTY. Value range for directional transfer limits. Layout if changing to/from comparative search.
3.47.0-rc118 Feb 2020 09:45 minor bugfix: Added new search mode: Comparative search. Pressing F7 now switches focus between local and remote panes. MSW: Work around a linker breaking ASLR. macOS: Avoid spurious button events button events consuming keyboard shortcuts. Increased minimum width of text field in generic input dialogs. Refactored Site Manager controls to increase modularity and some minor GUI inconsistencies. Refactored engine connection logic. Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.19.1 (
3.46.026 Nov 2019 08:25 major bugfix: a rare crash if closing FileZilla the very same moment a connection or transfer requests user attention.
3.46.0-rc116 Nov 2019 15:05 minor bugfix: Show an error message in the local directory listing if the user lacks permission to show the directory. Local filelist status bar is now reset if accessing a local directory fails. macOS: Work around an a in macOS 10.15 (Catalina) where closing a dialog shown from a timer can result in temporary freezes. Refactored speed-limiting code. Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.19.1 (
3.45.0-rc117 Sep 2019 07:05 minor bugfix: If checking for updates cannot be performed for a prolonged time, users are warned about using an outdated version. Performance improvements if expanding or refreshing a directory with thousands of direct subdirectories in the directory trees. Presearch in Site Manager. MacOS: password pasting using Cmd+V. Minor performance improvements deleting many thousands of files.
3.44.218 Aug 2019 11:45 minor bugfix: MSW: a crash if using predefined sites through fzdefaults.xml. to protocol selection glitches in the Site Manager. Increase maximum length of response lines when using FTP.
3.44.0-rc103 Aug 2019 06:25 minor bugfix: Multiple items can now be selected in the Site Manager. Pressing F3 in the Site Manager opens a search dialog. Add a reminder to the message log to switch to FTP over TLS each time a plain FTP connection is used. loading of confirmed, known insecure hosts. Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.18.0 (
3.43.028 Jun 2019 16:45 major bugfix: Filenames containing double-quotation marks were not escaped correctly when selected for opening/editing. Depending on the associated program, parts of the filename could be interpreted as commands. Added a second layer of authentication to the update mechanism.
3.43.0-rc121 Jun 2019 00:45 minor bugfix: macOS: Minimum required macOS version has been increased to 10.11 (El Capitan). *nix: Official Linux binaries are now built for Debian 10 (Buster). Building FileZilla now requires a C++17 compiler. Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.17.0 ( When using SFTP, fallback to password authentication on a server refusing a password-protected key. HTTP proxy support. *nix: Improve resolution of program icon.
3.42.003 May 2019 11:05 major bugfix: a potential crash if the first-launch welcome dialog is shown at an inopportune moment. Display of subject and r details in the certificate verification dialogs with some certificates. Official binaries are now built againt GnuTLS 3.6.7, minimum required GnuTLS version to build FileZilla is now 3.5.7.
3.42.0-rc127 Apr 2019 12:45 minor bugfix: Switching from using a master password to not saving passwords at all no longer requires entering the master password. *nix: support for internationalized domain names on systems having AI_IDN when using SFTP. an assertion after importing a manipulated queue file. When importing sites, any imported passwords are now immediately protected/deleted depending on the password protection settings. The ability to import Sitem Manager entries from antique FileZilla 2, last updated over a dozen years ago, has been removed.
3.42.0-beta122 Apr 2019 22:05 minor bugfix: Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.16.0 ( Limit the maximum length of site, bookmark and filter names to prevent display and crashes due to some operating systems badly handling long texts. When displaying message boxes, insert zero-width spaces into long unbroken words to prevent display and crashes due to some operating systems badly handling long texts. crash in the external IP address resolver. some assertions if a server sends bad file sizes. Large refactoring of the socket code. The thread pool from libfilezilla is now used for all worker threads.
3.41.219 Mar 2019 18:45 minor bugfix: Backport a security from PuTTY 0.71 affecting SFTP connections: an integer overflow in the RSA key exchange preceeding host key verification.
3.41.107 Mar 2019 18:05 minor bugfix: a regression introduced in 3.41.1 with slow FTP servers needlessly waiting for a bidirectional shutdown of the data connection during downloads.
3.41.0-rc127 Feb 2019 20:45 minor bugfix: Crash if adding a bookmark with the current connection not yet having a Site Manager entry. a rare crash if closing FileZilla while a recursive chmod operation is still in progress. a rare crash if starting directory comparison on an empty directory without logical parent. a rare crash on changing the file list sort order when the focused item index has previously become invalid. Restrict the maximum length of regular expressions in filter conditions due to in some implementations of the C++ Standard Library causing crashes. OS X: crash if the path of a file dropped on FileZilla cannot be obtained. Order in which directories helper tools and data files are searched for. a rare crash if closing tab during an ongoing recursive directory deletion.
3.40.0-rc224 Jan 2019 07:25 minor feature: Regression introduced in rc1 where adding files to queue creates extra server items if the connection was established through the Site Manager.
3.40.0-rc119 Jan 2019 00:45 minor bugfix: Added TLS 1.3 support by linking official binaries against GnuTLS 3.6.5. Refactored how sites and servers are being represented internally to trigged by renaming sites in the Site Manager. Display of server names containing ampersands in several dialogs. Regular expression filter in the quick search panel. a crash if files are added to the queue when there are already files for multiple different servers in the queue. a crash applying filters when there are no selected files and the focused item is past the new file count. a crash if emptying the queue while a directory creation item is active. a potential crash if FileZilla is being the moment a delayed dialog has already been created but before it is shown.
3.39.001 Dec 2018 08:25 major bugfix: Timestamps of newly created empty files on the server if the option to preserve timestamps is set.
3.39.0-rc123 Nov 2018 17:05 minor bugfix: The down button on the keyboard now opens the quickconnect history dropdown menu if the quickconnect bar has the input focus. The down button on the keyboard now opens the search options if the quick search dialog has the input focus. Refactored how notifications were handled in the network code. saving of the 'not equal' and 'less than' conditions for size filters. regular expression filters not respecting the case-sensitivity checkbox in all situations. Restore context menu item to delete file in local file search.
3.38.0-rc120 Oct 2018 03:45 minor bugfix: Refreshing remote file list while holding Ctrl now clears the remote directory cache for the current server. Changed default logon type if creating a new site in the Site Manager. state of controles in the Site Manager when creating a new site after the previously viewed site has been predefined. dragging remote files to queue. Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.15.0 ( Improve compatibility with GnuTLS 3.6.x. building with automake = 1.16.0.
3.37.330 Sep 2018 02:25 minor bugfix: With directory creation when uploading many files in parallel. MacOS: crashes if dragging more than one file. MacOS: Opt out of Dark Mode.
3.37.0-rc111 Sep 2018 23:25 minor bugfix: Use a cache for the system trust store to speed up connecting establishment on systems with huge certificate revocation lists in the system trust store. in GnuTLS causing crashes on connection establishment. Enabled state of controls in the Site Manager if switching to a protocol not supporting the previously selected logontype.
3.36.028 Aug 2018 19:45 major bugfix: --site-manager command-line argument. Potential crash with malformed directory listings. Potential crash if opening/closing tabs or starting the queue while directories are being renamed or deleted.
3.36.0-rc123 Aug 2018 19:25 minor bugfix: Ask for explicit confirmation prior to falling back to insecure plaintext FTP if a server refuses to use TLS. Warn if an FTP server refuses TLS that is known from previous connections to be capable of TLS.
3.35.208 Aug 2018 06:25 minor bugfix: Functionality of --site and --local command-line options. MSW: local rename not updating file list. OS X: compatibility with old CPUs not supporting SSE4.
3.35.0-rc117 Jul 2018 09:45 minor bugfix: Add option to settings dialog to have FileZilla restore tabs and connections after a restart. Initial size of Site Manager being too small on some systems.
3.34.0-rc110 Jun 2018 02:05 minor bugfix: Refactoring of the Site Manager internals. Moved protocol selection to the top in the Site Manager. Adjusted spacing in the Site Manager. Slightly reduced height of certificate details dialog. MSW: Properly quote the uninstall command in the registry. Updated builtin pugixml to version 1.9.
3.33.008 May 2018 06:05 major bugfix: MSW: Microsoft broke the ICopyHook interface in Windows 1803. Until Microsoft the in Windows, drag drop from FileZilla into Explorer will not work on Windows 1803.
3.33.0-rc129 Apr 2018 12:25 minor bugfix: The contents of the transfer queue can now be sorted. SFTP: Support key files encrypted with aes256-ctr, e.g. as created by OpenSSH 7.6 and later. SFTP: preserve timestamps menu option.
3.32.0-rc124 Mar 2018 17:45 minor bugfix: The Site Manager no longer shows controls not applicable to the selected protocol. Dynamically disable menu items if the used protocal does not support the corresponding functionality. Speed up listing large directories over SFTP. state of case sensitivity checkbox in the filter edit dialog if no filter has been selected.
3.31.024 Feb 2018 07:05 major bugfix: Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.12.1 (
3.30.0-rc130 Dec 2017 10:05 minor bugfix: In the search dialog local files can now be deleted or opened. The root node in the remote directory tree is now expanded by default. Uploading from search dialog. Formatting of filename in rename dialog. MSW: installer crash if an update installation is started with the updated version having been installed.
3.29.0-rc131 Oct 2017 17:45 minor feature: Added new quick search filter to file lists, accessed through Ctrl+F. FTP over TLS: Mismatched hostnames are now highlighted in red in the certificate verification dialog. Filters using regular expressions can now be case-insensitive. Explicitly wait for the settings to be written to disk before removing the backup file to prevent loss of data in case of system crashes.
3.28.001 Oct 2017 17:45 major documentation: *nix: Official Linux binaries are now built for Debian 9 (Stretch). Do not disable password saving settings if fzdefaults.xml contains a kiosk mode setting of 0.
3.28.0-rc124 Sep 2017 07:45 minor bugfix: Add "once" as queue completion action. Crash if FileZilla is forced to, e.g. when the system is shutting down, while there are open dialogs. If the transfer queue asks for a password and the password dialog is canceled the queue processing is now stopped. OS X, *nix: Improve detection of invalid character encodings in local filenames. Potential crash expanding directory tree items while changing selections.
3.27.115 Aug 2017 15:45 minor feature: Change client identification string if connecting with SFTP due to OpenSSH disregarding the supported ciphers announced by the client, resulting in less secure algorithms being chosen by OpenSSH. MSW: Improve handling of NTFS reparse points. MSW: If running the installer with /S, previous versions where not uninstalled prior to the new version being installed. MSW: The installer can be run with /quiet for a semi-silent installation. OS X, *nix: Potential for a rare crash if changing local directories while the local directory list is being updated and vice versa.
3.27.0-rc112 Jul 2017 17:45 minor bugfix: Support for the Storj decentralized cloud storage provider. MSW: display of file type of directories if the directory name contains a dot. assertion if entering an invalid protocol preinto the host field on the quickconnect bar or in the site manager. Improve error message if TLS certificate verification fails due to a missing stapled OCSP resonse. Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.10.0 (
3.26.104 Jun 2017 19:05 minor bugfix: Crash if changing password settings and the Site Manager contains subdirectories. *nix: saving of sites having more than one site-specific bookmark.
3.26.003 Jun 2017 16:25 major bugfix: When changing or removing the master password, update protected credentials of server items in the transfer queue. display of remember checkbox when showing the password entry dialog for sites that have no username set and are using the "Ask" logon type. Some icons were missing in the binary archive.
3.26.0-rc128 May 2017 16:45 minor documentation: Passwords can now be stored encrypted, protected with a master password. Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.9.2 ( Building and running FileZilla now depends on wxWidgets = 3.0.3.
3.25.201 May 2017 23:05 minor bugfix: SFTP components have been updated and are now based on PuTTY 0.69. Potential stall during the final listing operation when finishing a queue which contained uploads.
3.25.2-rc125 Apr 2017 01:25 minor bugfix: crash if filters.xml has become corrupted. FTP proxy support. sending of FTP keep-alive commands. MSW: Windows Vista is no longer supported. MSW: File and directory icons now also appear on systems that have no Windows directory.
3.25.014 Mar 2017 15:45 major bugfix: OS X: The minimum required OS X version is now 10.9. OS X: Disable App Nap during transfers and other operations. OS X: Downloaded updates are now stored in the Downloads directory. OS X: initial toolbar state on startup if it was hidden when FileZilla was last - reconnect delay logic which broke in 3.25.0-beta1. Piecewise creation of remote paths using FTP which broke in 3.25.0-beta1.
3.25.0-rc105 Mar 2017 03:17 minor bugfix: Encryption selection for FTP in the Site Manager which broke in 3.25.0-beta1. Small changes to error message texts.
3.25.0-beta127 Feb 2017 03:05 minor bugfix: Major refactoring of the FileZilla internals. Scale width of fields in the status line control on high-DPI displays. duplicate mnemonic in "Files currently being edited" dialog.
3.24.122 Feb 2017 21:25 minor bugfix: rendering icons in the remote directory tree when DPI scaling is enabled on Windows Vista and some Windows 7 machines. SFTP components have been updated and are now based on PuTTY 0.68. Updated builtin pugixml to version 1.8.
3.24.015 Jan 2017 00:05 major bugfix: a possible crash if sending FTP commands fails during a directory listing operation. *nix: a scrolling in the message log if wxWidgets is built against GTK3.
3.24.0-rc107 Jan 2017 20:05 minor bugfix: The context menu for remote file search results now has a "Copy URL(s) to clipboard" item. Alt+number can now be used to switch between tabs in addition to Ctrl+number. SFTP hostkey fingerprints are now also shown as base64 encoded SHA256 hashes to match the new format displayed by OpenSSH. Errors at the end of SFTP transfers now correctly result in transfer failures instead. Cancelling synchronized browsing questions no longer prevents further directory changes. display for the filter conditions dialog. deleting multiple extensions on the filetype page in the settings. OS X: Do not open dialogs while already processing an event, e.g. while a context menu is open. Dec 2016 02:45 minor bugfix: Key file paths entered in the Site Manager are now saved to corresponding server entries in the transfer queue. MSW: Work around a in wxWidgets causing bad icons in the remote directory tree due to wxImageList::GetBitmap errorneously stripping the alpha channel from images. Allow relative paths and environment variables in the "Cache directory" setting. Dec 2016 13:25 minor bugfix: Work around a in wxWidgets that has been causing a virtually infinite loop when deleting toolbar buttons.
3.23.0-rc129 Nov 2016 20:05 minor feature: New high-resolution icons. Improvements to the sizing of icons and other user interface elements on high-DPI displays. For technical reasons, existing theme settings have been reverted to their default values. They can be changed again in the settings dialog. Make use of the Unix.ownername and Unix.groupname facts for MLSD if available. The bookmarks menu updates again after changing global bookmarks. Adding a site to the Site Manager as part of adding a site-specific bookmark no longer fails if sitemanager.xml does not yet exist. Strip byte order marks at the beginning of directory listings. Add an option to filezilla.xml to control cache ttl.
3.22.2-rc230 Oct 2016 19:25 minor bugfix: SFTP: Renaming a file or directory where the new name already refers to a directory no longer moves the file into this directory. Regression from -rc1 with custom ports in the quickconnect bar. Regression from -rc1 parsing the EPSV reply.
3.22.2-rc126 Oct 2016 08:05 minor bugfix: Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.8.0 ( Non-existing key files are no longer silently dropped from the SFTP page in the settings dialog. Further abbreviate log output if transferring files using SFTP. Generic proxy usernames and passwords containing non-ASCII characters are again handled correctly. an assertion if Ctrl+A is pressed in an empty file list. *nix: color of status message in the message log. *nix, OS X: an assertion adding files to the queue after having selected a large range of items. *nix, OS X: an assertion due to a timing when renaming local files.
3.22.107 Oct 2016 08:05 minor bugfix: OS X: Work around a nasty in XCode where programs explicitly compiled for older versions of OS X were silently pulling in features exclusive to the new version, resulting in crashes at runtime. a potential crash when using SFTP.
3.22.003 Oct 2016 04:05 major bugfix: Bookmarks with the "Directory comparison" checkbox set now work correctly. MSW: background clearing on the size format settings page. MSW: Toggling the log timestamp option no longer results in wrong log colors. for premature queue completion action.
3.22.0-rc125 Sep 2016 08:45 minor feature: Directory listing filters can now be exported and imported. Added the "not all" filter match type to filter out all items not matching all conditions. Added the "not all" search match type to search for all items not matching all conditions. Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.7.0 ( Building and running FileZilla now depends on GnuTLS = 3.4.15. Speed up creation of socket and file i/o threads through the use of a thread pool. Replace invalid characters in filenames when calculating the local filename for editing remote files. The updater can now handle HTTPS servers that redirect to other HTTPS servers. SFTP: Try password based login if a password-protected keyfile is rejected by the server instead of failing the login. MSW: Tee shell extension now supports long paths on Windows 10.
3.21.025 Aug 2016 03:45 major bugfix: a string format vulnerability introduced in 3.20.0-rc1 when listing directories using SFTP. SFTP: Added support for AES-GCM ciphers as implemented in OpenSSH. OS X: Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab can now be used to switch forward and backward between opened tabs. Reduced time between TCP keepalive packets to 15 minutes on supporting platforms. saving of directory listing filters with an attribute condition.
3.20.104 Aug 2016 08:05 minor bugfix: Rename file exists action on downloads. Possible crash if disabling log abbreviation. Official binaries now link against a patched version of GnuTLS so that a better error message can be printed on broken servers that send malformed certificate chains.
3.20.029 Jul 2016 08:45 major documentation: Display error message if entering a non-existing path on local file search. Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.6.1 (
3.20.0-rc121 Jul 2016 04:45 minor bugfix: Added compatibility for filenames with leading or trailing whitespace if using SFTP. Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.8.0 ( Building and running FileZilla now depends on GnuTLS 3.4.0 or higher. regression introduced in 3.19.0-rc1, reconnecting again uses the last used remote directory instead of the initial default remote directory. crash if creating a new site via the bookmarks dialog. Queuing remote directories for transfer no longer exits comparison mode. a rare crash using FTP over TLS if the control connection fails at the same time the data connection gets established. Entering invalid regular expressions in filter and search conditions now shows an error message. title of search dialog. Stricter certificate chain validation to supplement the Tofu model. *nix: initial size of Site Manager dialog with some GTK versions.
3.19.028 Jun 2016 07:45 major bugfix: Building FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.5.3 ( Context menu in search dialog if not connected to server. OS X, *nix: displayed text in file list status bar if selecting a single item in the file list out of multiple already selected items.
3.19.0-rc122 Jun 2016 06:25 minor bugfix: In the Site Manager a background colour for sites can now be selected. Open tabs can be re-arranged using drag drop. copying URLs of multiple selected files to clipboard. Setting remote file timestamps did not take timezone offsets configured through the Site Manager into account.
3.18.028 May 2016 21:25 major bugfix: Small to local file search. a regression introduced in 3.18.0-rc1 when formatting hostnames for display.
3.18.0-rc122 May 2016 16:45 minor feature: The search functionality can now also be used to search local file. Reduced CPU consumption of adding files to the list of search results. Opening the remote context menu while holding shift allows copying URLs to clipboard that include the password. Added an option to the configuration file through which initiating drag drop can be disallowed. Reduced memory footprint of some data structures. Building FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.5.2 ( The remote file list context menu no longer shows inapplicable entries while files are being added to queue. date validation in filter and search conditions. May 2016 19:45 minor bugfix: MSW: Quoted the path to the uninstaller when executed from the installer to prevent an attacker from tricking the installer into running some other program instead. SFTP: resuming SFTP transfers. MSW: Loading the system default locale no longer fails on systems that have any English locale installed, yet do not have the US-English locale installed. crash if update dialog is opened at the very same moment FileZilla is being.
3.17.024 Apr 2016 03:15 major bugfix: *nix: Removed a label on the filter dialog that doesn't apply to *nix builds. Compilation if Nettle is installed in a custom location. Potential with destruction order when closing FileZilla.
3.17.0-rc118 Apr 2016 15:45 minor bugfix: Recursivly queing local files for upload now displays the progress below the local file list. MSW: Use dynamic TCP send buffer sizes to improve upload speeds on high-latency connections. SFTP: Use hardware-accelerated AES on x86_64 CPUs if available by using the AES implementation from Nettle instead of PuTTY. Building FileZilla now depends on the Nettle library, version 3.1 or later. Building FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.5.0 ( MSW: The installer now warns if it detects old versions of FileZilla outside of the installation directory. Improve compatibility with directory listings where midnight is represented as 24:00:00 of the prior day. SFTP: Failed downloads due to write failures, e.g. due to a full disk, no longer show up as successful. SFTP: transfer failures if multiple transfers try to list the same directory. SFTP: Updated PuTTY components. FTP over TLS: Delogs now contain additional information about the TLS handshake.
3.16.117 Mar 2016 06:05 minor bugfix: MSW: Updated installer to NSIS 3.0b3 to prevent DLL hijacking. MSW: string conversion functions of MiNGW runtime libraries. Updated PuTTY components. Updated translations. Official binaries now link against GnuTLS 3.4.10. Official binaries now link against SQLite 3.11.1.
3.16.0-rc123 Feb 2016 04:05 minor feature: Make notification bubble on queue completion configurable though the queue's context menu. Selected queue completion action is now remembered, excluding the system shutdown/sleep actions. Added new servertype to the Site Manager for servers using MS-DOS style paths with forward slashes as separators. Building FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla = 0.4.0 ( for network configuration wizard leading to incorrect test result. MSW: Installer now removes leftover files from improperly uninstalled previous versions. Feb 2016 16:25 minor bugfix: MSW: Binaries are now also signed using a SHA256 signature and certificate. OS X: Move location of COPYING file containing the GPL to a different location in the bundle. On some systems OS X cannot verify the bundle with the file at the old location. Restore focused item if changing directory listing sort order. restoring the column widths of the failed transfers tab in the queue when starting FileZilla. MSW: Double-clicking a divider between a list header in the queue now adjust the sizes in the other tabs just as dragging the width would.
3.15.031 Jan 2016 03:15 major documentation: MSW: Display notification bubble if FileZilla isn't in the forgeground and all active transfers have finished.
3.15.0-rc124 Jan 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: regression from 3.16.0-beta1 where extra data being appended to some downloaded files. setting initial pane sizes when creating new tabs. OS X: display of r and subject details in certificate verification dialog. Updated SFTP components from PuTTY. Official binaries now link against GnuTLS 3.4.8. Official binaries now link against SQLite 3.10.2.
3.15.0-beta114 Jan 2016 05:45 minor feature: Building FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla 0.3.0 ( Added support for downloading and deleting multiple unrelated directories from the search dialog. *nix: Vastly speed up line-ending conversion when downloading files using the ASCII data type. Improved compatibility with broken servers omitting the mandatory 1yz reply to transfer commands. handling of SFTP keyfiles with non-ASCII characters in their paths. Add missing directory comparison checkbox to new bookmark dialog. MSW: Installer now sets appid on desktop icon. Updated built-in pugixml.
3.14.117 Oct 2015 03:15 minor feature: For third-party builds, add configure flag to allow using system ciphers for FTP over TLS. Display a warning if an insecure cipher is negotiated as result of using system ciphers. loading of the directory comparison flag for bookmakrs in the Site Manager. Changing the interface layout and icon theme no longer results in an inconsistent UI state. Some SFTP servers send additional information on errors. This information is now shown in the message log. If the local file cannot be opened on SFTP transfers FileZilla no longer automatically retries. Updated SFTP components from PuTTY.
3.14.017 Sep 2015 03:15 major documentation: When connecting using SFTP, show an error message instead of silently failing when encountering an insecure cipher.
3.14.0-rc210 Sep 2015 03:15 minor feature: Removing selected queue items is now faster. Reduced memory usage of queue. When connecting to hostnames with multiple IPs, reset timeout if trying the next address.
3.14.0-rc105 Sep 2015 03:15 minor feature: Add support for password-protected SSH private keys. SSH private keys not in PuTTY's native format no longer need to be converted if they aren't password-protected. When using synchronized browsing, changing to a directory that does not exist on both sides now asks whether the missing directory should be created. SSH1 support for SFTP has been disabled.
3.13.125 Aug 2015 18:05 minor bugfix: SFTP component crashing on some combinations of encryption and key exchange algorithm. Ctrl+Shift+I shortcut to toggle filters. OS X: Ctrl+, shortcut to open settings dialog. Optimizations to reduce memory footprint. Build system.
3.13.016 Aug 2015 07:05 minor feature: Display home directory instead of root directory if the last used directory does not exist. Larger initial size of main window if there is no stored size. Slightly increased size of page selection box in settings dialog. Fix assertion in directory listing parser. Fix drag drop of remote files which broke in 3.13.0-rc1.
3.13.0-rc211 Aug 2015 03:15 minor feature: Updated SFTP components from PuTTY. Official binaries now link against GnuTLS 3.4.4. Official binaries now link against SQLite
3.13.0-rc106 Aug 2015 05:45 cleanup: For SFTP servers the private key file to use can now be specified in the Site Manager. The contents of each queue tab can now be exported through the context menu. MSW: The installer now registers the App Path so that FileZilla is recognized in the Win+R dialog. FileZilla now uses pugixml instead of TinyXML to parse and create XML files. Several performance improvements. Code cleanup and modernization, building FileZilla now requires a C++14 compiler. Fixed an assert loading sitemanager.xml created by an old version. If password saving is disabled, specifying a password on the command-line no longer leads to extraneous password prompts when transferring files. If deleting remote directories via the directory tree, navigate out of the directory tree that is to be deleted.
3.12.009 Jul 2015 11:25 minor feature: Directory comparison can be configured for Site Manager entries and bookmarks. Instead of skipping commands due to spontaneous connection failures while executing a command, reconnect and retry. FileZilla no longer shows popup dialogs such as the file exists dialog if another dialog or message box is already shown. Improved compatibility with servers sending malformed FEAT replies.
3.12.0-rc130 Jun 2015 10:45 feature: FileZilla no longer visually enters each visited directory during recursive operations, e.g. when downloading or deleting remote directories. During recursive operations the server's directory structure can now be navigated as if idle. Ask for confirmation if trying to load Site Manager data originating from a future version of FileZilla. Display location of settings directory on the About dialog. Display detected CPU features (on x86) on the About dialog. Remove certificate verification messages in the message log for data connections. Speed up parsing of the PASV reply. The status bar of the search dialog now shows the number of found matches again. OS X: Configuring SFTP keys no longer fails if the full path of FileZilla's application bundle contains spaces. *nix: Make waitable conditions immune to wallclock changes if the system supports both clock_gettime and pthread_condattr_setclock. Fixed a rare crash when queuing many socket threads for deletion at the same time. Jun 2015 04:05 minor feature: Fixed a potential crash if a connection gets remotely closed in the same moment a new connection is to be opened. Improved compatibility with servers sending pre-epoch timestamps. Fixed pt_BR translation.
3.11.020 May 2015 07:05 minor feature: Ensure the title bar is at least partially inside the screen boundary when restoring a saved window position. Fixed crash if opening a wrapped dialog without having restarted FileZilla after having change language to Chinese or Japanese.
3.11.0-rc114 May 2015 11:05 minor feature: Implemented new date/time handling to solve issues with DST conversion. *nix: Official Linux binaries are now built for Debian Jessie. In passive mode transfer, the source IP of the data connection is now bound to the same source IP as the control connection. Requeueing of folder items no longer prints an error message. Fix disabling of timeouts. MSW: Fix the returned error level of the installer. Fix a crash if disconnecting during transfers. Official binaries now link against GnuTLS to 3.4.1. Official binaries now link against SQLite to
3.10.330 Mar 2015 23:05 minor feature: Fixed crash if changing number of simultaneous transfers while transferring files. Fixed local filelist statusbar regression introduced in 3.10.3-beta2.
3.10.3-rc123 Mar 2015 13:05 minor feature: If saving passwords is disabled, don't ask for the password again after connecting via the quickconnect bar and then starting a download via drag drop. Small performance improvements.
3.10.3-beta219 Mar 2015 07:25 minor feature: Minimum timeout value is now 10 seconds, up from 5 seconds to prevent timeouts uploading to servers with slow storage. Fixed an assert with invalid file sizes. Small performance improvements.
3.10.3-beta115 Mar 2015 21:25 minor feature: FileZilla is now also available as 64bit Windows program. Users of 32bit FileZilla on 64bit Windows will get automatically migrated using the auto-updater. Added option to enable SFTP compression.
3.10.203 Mar 2015 08:05 minor feature: When finding the local name of a remote file to be edited, use case-insensitive comparison. Updated SFTP components from PuTTY. MSW: Cleaned up runtime dependencies. Fix crash introduced in rc2 when there is no password element for a saved item.
3.10.2-rc226 Feb 2015 18:25 minor feature: OS X binaries are now 64bit. MSW: The installer configures Windows Error Reporting to save minidumps in LOCALAPPDATA CrashDumps if filezilla.exe crashes. The updater now submits CPU capabilities when checking for updates. In a future version support for CPUs without SSE2 support will be dropped. In the XMl files, passwords are now base64 encoded. Fix HTTP proxy handshake if no proxy username is set. Fix state of filter toolbar button if dismissing filter dialog. At the end of transfers errors writing all downloaded data to disk were not always detected.
3.10.2-rc122 Feb 2015 21:25 minor feature: When reopening files already being edited, preselect the previously used selection The suject area in the certificate verification can now be scrolled if the certificate contains many alternative names Many performance improvements Fixed display of total transfer size in message log for SFTP transfers MSW: Fixed sorting of sites in Site Manager MSW: Fix initial focus after starting FileZilla to be in the quickconnect bar again Fixed bug in GnuTLS where the AES-NI instruction set wasn't always used when available Refresh directory trees if sort mode changes Fix potential crash if disconnecting during ongoing transfers Fix updating the transfer progress bar When uploading files via SFTP with a low speed limit set
3.10.101 Feb 2015 20:05 minor feature: Don't override proxy settings if loading an implicit session from PuTTY Silently delete junk files left behind by some editors in the temporary directory
3.10.1-rc125 Jan 2015 15:45 minor feature: Fixed wording of some error messages when using FTP over TLS Display subject alternative names in certificate verification dialog If re-editing multiple files already being edited, add a checkbox to apply action to all selected file Editing the same local file multiple times no longer results in an error message Display SHA-256 fingerprints in certificate verification dialog, no longer display MD5 fingerprints. Disable insecure RC4 algorithm in FTP over TLS nix: Fix assertion when opening the file exists dialog on some multi-display systems Deleting items in the Site Manager now correctly upates the right-hand side of the dialog Dragging items in the Site Manager no longer makes the default port appear in the port input box OS X: Multi-line text edit controls no longer act like rich-text edit controls and no longer perform quote substitution Jan 2015 14:25 minor feature: Fix a crash if a keyfile has been configured for SFTP and this file has become missing or corrupted nix, OS X: Fix permissions on files uploaded via SFTP. Jan 2015 00:45 minor feature: TLS handshakes no longer stall if the server sends ginormous packets during the handshake that do not fit into a single TLS record Fix loading and saving the same queue item multiple times Post-login commands now work with the protocol set to plain FTP MSW: Allow uploading files that are locally opened for writing by another program OS X: Fix layout issues in search dialog and filter conditions dialog
3.10.009 Jan 2015 09:25 major feature: Fixed default file exists actions broken by rc1. Added Welsh translation. Data type indicator in the status bar now reacts to left-clicks as well. MSW: Fix crash when displaying the drive list. Reduced memory consumption of large queues. Preliminary support for Windows 10 technical preview. MSW: FileZilla running on a 64bit Windows can now use up to 4GiB of RAM, up from 2GiB. Fixed memory leaks in SFTP component. Fixed fzsftp crashing on disconnect if using keyfiles. Various code cleanup and minor fixes. The search dialog now has checkboxes to only search for files or directories. In the file lists, Ctrl+Shift+N can now be used to create new directories. Added an additional icon theme. Small performance improvements parsing large directory listings. Updated SFTP components from PuTTY. Fixed applying file exists actions to files currently in the queue. Don't send the PBSZ and PROT commands to servers that have rejected AUTH TLS/SSL. Sep 2014 23:52 major bugfix: Fix auto-updater not being able to download updates.