Fink 0.45.3

Fink is a package management system for Mac OS X and Darwin systems. It utilizes Debians apt and dpkg tools, while "fink" itself is the source to package building system. The project also adapts sources for broader compatibility with Mac/Darwin systems.

Tags c darwin macosx dpkg deb apt-get packaging software-distribution installation
License GNU GPL
State development

Recent Releases

0.45.308 Mar 2021 06:25 minor bugfix: Restore default path to /sw for 10.14 and earlier. Populate INSTALLSITESCRIPT so Makemaker scripts work with perl5.28.
0.45.204 Oct 2020 18:25 minor feature: Move default install path to /opt/sw. Support 10.15.6 (and.7). Clean some regex code for newer perls. Support Xcode12.
0.45.006 Aug 2019 18:25 major bugfix: Support 10.14.5, 10.14.6, and 10.15. Fully bundles on APFS systems. Caching cleanup. Support for latest versions of Xcode and clang. /-------------. fink 0.44.x. -------------.
0.44.114 Mar 2019 16:40 minor bugfix: Support 10.13.6. : Update bzip2 source to Fink's repo.
0.43.119 Apr 2018 03:15 minor bugfix: : (and other base packages) can't use SHA256 because of upgrade deadlocks. Support Darwin 17.5. Other and enhancements (see the commits).
0.43.025 Mar 2018 03:15 major bugfix: selfupdate-git. selfupdate-svn. --preflag. Support 10.13.1-4. Support Java 9.0.x. Support 2017 version of Java 1.6. Better checksum support.-. Other and enhancements (see the commits). /-------------. fink 0.42.x. -------------.
0.42.008 Oct 2017 03:15 major feature: Support 10.13.0. Retroactively add official support for 10.12.2-6. Support Java 9. Add p/Library/Launch Agents, Daemons to legal directories. Other and enhancements (see the commits). /-------------. fink 0.41.x. -------------.
0.41.114 Nov 2016 03:15 minor feature: Support 10.12.1. Change system-xfree86 versioning to 3:-3, with fallback to the current 2:7.2-2 if the receipt is missing.
0.41.021 Sep 2016 04:25 major documentation: Support 10.12 (Sierra). /-------------. fink 0.40.x. -------------. Skipped. The development branch for Sierra was prematurely tagged with a 0.40.99 git. version. /-------------. fink 0.39.x. -------------.
0.39.514 Aug 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: Support 10.11.0-6. in detecting variable marker ( ) in RuntimeVars. Use otool-classic under Xcode 8 CL tools.
0.39.431 Jul 2016 03:15 minor feature: Support 10.11.0-5. Forbid the use of shell variables as RuntimeVars. Additional tweaks (see commits).
0.39.201 Nov 2015 10:25 minor feature: Use system versions of tools (make, cp, chmod) in default_script . Add Restrictive/GPL and related License forms for OpenSSL-linked packages.
0.39.104 Oct 2015 03:15 minor bugfix: Properly support Apple's JavaForOSX2015-1. : Downgrade errors during postinstall.deb migration to nonfatal warnings.
0.39.027 Sep 2015 21:05 major documentation: Support OS 10.11. Switch 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11 to use the 10.9-libcxx tree.
0.38.716 Aug 2015 03:15 bugfix: Support OS 10.10.4 and 10.10.5. Bugfix: Replace more version strings with version objects so that 10.10+ do the right thing under comparisons. Avoids people seeing information about enabling the nonexistent unstable tree on 10.7 and later. Also prevent creation of p/fink/dists/stable/crypto.
0.38.614 Jun 2015 03:15 bugfix: Bugfix: Maximum Xcode version conditional for 10.9 was being applied to 10.( =9). Bugfix: Fix version detection in not to warn when there is no installed Validation fix for empty Description field. Bump max Mountain Lion kernel version to 12.6, even though that's still OS 10.8.5.
0.38.515 May 2015 03:15 minor feature: Support OS 10.10.3. * Revert supporting /opt/X11 directly on 10.8+ to provide X11 virtuals. * Remove cgi-pm from Provides. * Reduce flat-namespace linkage validation to give a warning rather than a fatal error, since some packages require being built this way. * Fatal validation error for filename/install_name mismatch in Shlibs. * Validate package names in dependency lists.
0.38.410 Feb 2015 13:25 minor feature: Support OS 10.10.2 Issue warning if Xcode and Xcode CLI versions don't match. Fail if 'dev-tools' virtual package disappears. Support /opt/X11 directly on 10.8+. Improved --dotty-build output. Other diagnostic improvements.
0.38.307 Dec 2014 07:05 minor feature: Enable 10.10 bindist by default Support OS 10.10.1 Make system-java* packages visible even if not installed. Validator now allows for public libraries to use @rpath. Bootstrap with perl-5.18. Sep 2014 03:15 bugfix bugfix: Bugfix: change compiler wrapper test so that clang from Xcode 5.0 doesn't use -Wno-error=unused-command-line-argument-hard-error-in-future. 0.36.4 "Supplies are limited" Activate official binary distributions. Official 10.9.2. support Bootstrap on 10.6 defaults to 10.6/x86_64. Tweak compiler wrappers to allow packages that pass flags that clang doesn't understand still to build with the Xcode 5.1 Command Line Tools. Bugfix: fix issue with bootstrapping with no installed. Additional fixes
0.37.020 Sep 2014 23:15 minor feature: First release not to support Mac OS 10.6. Officially recognize OS 10.9.3. Install compiler wrappers in the .deb rather than autogenerating them. Additional fixes and enhancements.