FluidSynth 2.0.7

FluidSynth is a real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications and has reached widespread distribution. FluidSynth itself does not have a graphical user interface, but due to its powerful API several applications utilize it and it has even found its way onto embedded systems and is used in some mobile apps. Features Cross platform support (Linux, macOS and Windows to name a few) SoundFont 2 support SoundFont 3 support (vorbis-compressed SF2) Realtime effect control using SoundFont 2.01 modulators Playback of MIDI files Shared library which can be used in other programs Built in command line shell

Tags sound-synthesis mixers
License GNU LGPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

2.0.729 Sep 2019 03:15 minor feature: Broken audio output when reverb was active after synth creation. Deconsole messages not being visible for debuilds on Windows.
2.0.625 Sep 2019 21:39 minor bugfix: fix an uninitialized memory access, which could have led to NULL dereference or heap corruption in an out-of-memory situation fix a use-after-free when calling fluid_player_stop() fix the MIDI player not outputting any sound after stopping and restarting the playback (#550)