FreeDV is unique as it uses 100% Open Source Software, including the speech codec. No secrets, nothing proprietary! FreeDV represents a path for 21st-century Amateur Radio where Hams are free to experiment and innovate rather than a future locked into a single manufacturer’s closed technology.

Tags audio
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases Jun 2024 23:05 minor bugfix: 1. : Remove TX attenuation and squelch tooltips.. Disable 800XA radio button when in RX Only mode..
1.9.807 Feb 2024 03:15 minor bugfix: 1. : Prevent unnecessary recreation of resamplers in analog mode.. Better handle high sample rate audio devices and those with 2 channels.. preventing errors from being displayed for involving the FreeDV- Speaker sound device.. resulting in incorrect audio device usage after validation failure if no valid default exists.. where PTT button background color doesn't change when toggling PTT via space bar.. where FreeDV crashes if only RX sound devices are configured with mic filters turned on.. Windows-specific off by one in FreeDV Reporter sorting code.. 2. Enhancements: Add Frequency column to RX drop-down.. Update tooltip for the free form text field to indicate that it's not covered by FEC.. Enable use of space bar for PTT when in the FreeDV Reporter window.. Move TX Mode column to left of Status in FreeDV Reporter window.. Add heading column to FreeDV Reporter window. (PR #672, #675). Prevent FreeDV Reporter window from being above the main window.. Add support for displaying cardinal directions instead of headings.. 3. Code cleanup: Move FreeDV Reporter dialog code to dialogs section of codebase.. Jan 2024 11:57 minor bugfix: 1. Bugfixes: * Fix issue causing intermittent crashes when filters are enabled while running. (PR #656)
1.9.625 Dec 2023 11:34 major feature:
1.9.526 Nov 2023 14:38 minor feature: This release contains the following content: Bugfixes: Fix bug preventing frequency updates from being properly suppressed when frequency control is in focus. (PR #585) Fix bug preventing 60 meter frequencies from using USB with DIGU/DIGL disabled. (PR #589) Additional fix for PR #561 to parse/format frequencies using current locale. (PR #595) Add entitlements to work around macOS Sonoma permissions bug. (PR #598) Fix bug preventing FreeDV Reporter window from closing after resetting configuration to defaults. (PR #593) Fix bug preventing reload of manually entered frequency on start. (PR #608) Enhancements: FreeDV Reporter: Add support for filtering the exact frequency. (PR #596) Add confirmation dialog box before actually resetting configuration to defaults. (PR #593) Add ability to double-click FreeDV Reporter entries to change the radio's frequency. (PR #592) FreeDV Reporter: Add ability to force RX Only reporting in Tools- Options. (PR #599) Add new 160m/80m/40m calling frequencies for IARU R2. (PR #601) Add Help button to allow users to get help more easily. (PR #607) Build system: Upgrade wxWidgets to 3.2.4. (PR #607) Other: Report OS usage to FreeDV Reporter. (PR #606)