FreeFileSync 13.6

FreeFileSync allows comparing and synchronizing local file folders. It's performant and without GUI complexity. It detects moved and renamed files, detect conflicts, can operate on locked files, understands symlinks, allows automatic syncing, copyies extended file permissions (NTFS), and it's cross-platform.

Tags synchronization file-management backup version-control mirroring cpp
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

13.614 May 2024 18:45 minor bugfix: Compact parent path display for medium/large row sizes crash when mouse inputs are queued due to system lag Don't steal focus from other app when sync progress dialog is shown crackling sound at the beginning of WAV playback (Linux) Prevent middle grid tooltip from covering sync direction Disable Nagle algorithm for SFTP connections
13.503 Apr 2024 10:26 minor feature: Wrap file grid folder paths instead of truncate Fixed sync operation arrows for RTL layout Fixed FTP hang during connection (libcurl regression) Consider user-defined file time tolerance for DB comparisons Don't log folder pair paths if nothing to sync
7.202 Jul 2015 17:05 minor feature: Support synchronization with SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Detailed error reporting when checking folder existence. Synchronize MTP devices with no modification time support. Set focus to comparison button on startup. Fixed transactional stream clean up error if target file already existing. Fixed incomplete input stream clean up on fadvise failure (Linux). Consider non-native paths for direct comparison after startup. Revised algorithm generating folder pair display name. Reduced number of file accesses during versioning. Stricter language file consistency checking. Resolved crash when running Windows 7 on CPUs without SSE2. Improved Minidump creation handling stack overflows. Revised path formatting to always match native representation. Fixed about dialog layout for large font sizes. Support Minidump creation for Windows XP. Updated translation files
7.012 May 2015 15:45 minor feature: Support synchronization with MTP devices (Android, iPhone, tablet, digital camera). Implemented file system abstraction layer. New database format supporting generic file ids. Pre-allocate disk space when writing file output stream. Late failure when moving multiple items to recycle bin. Keep UI responsive while loading/saving database file. Improved error reporting indicating failed item when moving to recycle bin. Transactional error handling when closing file streams. Pass correct thread id when creating Minidump (Windows). Fixed directory icon loading resource leak (Linux). Fixed RealtimeSync message provider exception safety issue (Windows). Avoid locking issues by creating the log file after batch synchronization. Fixed RealtimeSync monitoring for items beyond subfolders (Linux). Fall back to file extension during file icon load error. Show file icon by extension as temporary placeholder. Work around silent failure to copy file times to external drives (Linux)
6.1509 Apr 2015 21:05 minor feature: Revert to log file naming convention without colon character. Prevent endless recursion when traversing into folder on corrupt file system. Fixed view filter button rendering issue for RTL languages. Fixed grid losing far scroll positions when increasing icon sizes. Flush file buffers before verifying file copy. Update existing items when retrying failed folder traversal. Harmonized bitmap file loading by removing format variance. Fixed invalid argument error when setting file times (Linux). Fixed application hang when loading icon for named pipe (Linux). Improved file copy read-ahead performance (Linux). Use native file I/O for stream operations (Linux, OS X). Fixed file copy creating zero-sized files (OS X). Automatically create Minidump files during an application crash (Windows). Check for missing service pack to help diagnose crash (Windows 7). New menu item with download link after a version update. Work around C-function memory race condition when formatting time. Added Hindi language
6.1412 Feb 2015 01:45 major feature: New buttons allow changing the order of folder pairs. New keyboard shortcuts for rearranging folder pairs. Preserve comparison results when deleting a specific folder pair. Allow inserting new folder pairs into the middle of the list. Append status to log file names when warnings occur. Don't interrupt immediate comparison when starting a .ffs_gui file for slow devices. Work around wxWidgets bug eating up command keys in text boxes (Linux). Fixed incorrect parameter error when checking recycle bin on drive mounted with Paragon ExtFS (Windows). Use colon as time stamp seperator in log file names. Refactored basic low-level file traversal routine. Optimized file icon startup procedure. Fixed occasional failure to set modification times on Samba shares (OS X). Transfer creation times during file copy (OS X). Support copying file times with nano-second precision (OS X).
6.1312 Jan 2015 15:05 minor feature: Fixed crash when failing to create log file during batch run Show directory traversal errors as conflict category on grid Improved file filter behavior for certain edge cases when updating the database Fixed crash when task scheduler ends FreeFileSync after a certain time (Windows) Don't show alternative folder paths if volume name is empty Support silent installation for Inno Setup (Windows) Fixed recursive yield when minimized into notification area (Linux, OS X) Include ACLs when copying file and folder permissions (OS X) New file copy routine including extended attributes (OS X) Fixed failure to permanently delete directories containing symlinks Copy extended attributes when creating new folders and symlinks (OS X) Restore process umask after creating lock file (Linux, OS X) Copy directory permissions by default (Linux, OS X) Optimized construction of merged path filters Exclude items subject to traversal errors when updating the database
6.1203 Dec 2014 23:25 minor feature: New quot;Actions quot; menu bar entry with basic operations Fixed crash after comparison while needlessly copying traveral results Support auto-updater URL redirection (Linux, OS X) Merged installer translations into .lng files Fully translated FreeFileSync context menu options and file types in Windows Explorer More structured symlink handling options Scroll to active selection in config list box on startup Fixed delete key to remove items in config history panel (OS X) Fixed language file parser showing incorrect row on error Fixed crash during sync due to unsupported SSE instructions (Server 2003, XP 64-bit) Fixed startup error due to invalid handle type Always log folder pair paths even if there is nothing to sync Updated translation files
6.1104 Nov 2014 03:17 minor feature: Updated Recycle Bin access for Windows 10 New command line option quot;-edit quot; to load configuration without executing Case-insensitive command line argument evaluation New Explorer context menu options for ffs_gui, ffs_batch files Added sync variant to folder pair info in log file Don't process and log folder pair if nothing to do except writing DB file Fixed liblzma.5.dylib not found during startup (OS X 10.8) Added version info to application bundles (OS X) Fixed incorrect warning when configuration contains empty folder pairs Replaced misleading inotify error message quot;No space left on device quot; (Linux) Fixed FreeFileSync launcher blocking app folder move (OS X) Updated default main dialog layout Fixed async error evaluation when creating volume shadow copies Keep user interface responsive while creating a volume shadow copy Fixed error when starting asynchronously from a batch script Show progress of writing log files Fixed updated file being left deleted when copying permission failed New Project website:
6.1002 Oct 2014 03:15 minor feature: Fixed crash when accessing recycle bin in compatibility mode (Windows 7, 8) Draw middle grid selection irrespective of focus column Don't show parts of progress graph if nothing to sync Break on missing directories before evaluating warnings Ignore leading/trailing whitespace in search panel Disable search panel during comparison Disable shortkeys during comparison Log folder pair only if files are synced Fixed number separator formatting for english locale Copying locked files now inactive by default Show all affected folders when warning about a shared sub folder
6.923 Sep 2014 06:47 minor feature: Reuse FreeFileSync taskbar link when available (Windows 7) Limit number of retries when creating temporary files Fixed bitmap rendering issue for high-contrast color schemes Revised and fixed unclear GUI texts Updated deprecated system call when suspending idle (OS X) Fixed retry when failing to determine recycle bin status Added progress graph legend Updated translation files