Frams' Shell Tools 20161010

Frams' Shell Tools is a big collection of various (mostly Perl) scripts to make UNIX everyday life at the command line interface more comfortable. They have grown in the author's last 25 years as a Unix user, programmer, and administrator. Some examples are: clp (Command Line Perl: a Perl "shell"), fpg (Frams' Perl grep: a grep with full Perl support), zz (generic clipboard), and vv (visual versioning: automatic backups with any editor)

Tags utilities shell
License Artistic
State stable

Recent Releases

2016101015 Oct 2016 09:01 major feature: added bash tricks, ped (Perl stream editor), del ((un)delete files), ax (archive extractor), and merged vv and zz (visual versioning and shell clipboard)
2014072929 Jul 2014 14:40 minor feature: