File Service Protocol Suite 2.8.1b28

File Service Protocol is a lightweight UDP-based file transfer system. It has many benefits over plain FTP, such as anonymity for transfers and archives. It's less bandwidth intensive but still fault tolerant.

Tags c python java udp file-transfer command-line
License MITL
State beta

Recent Releases

2.8.1b2823 Aug 2019 05:27 minor bugfix: Pull scons site Python 3 fixed from fsplib and fspclient projects. More scons with python 3 build fixes. contrib/fspscan fdclose() name
2.8.1b2709 Sep 2014 14:34 major bugfix: Bugfix release, fixed some compilation problems on modern systems and few bugs found by Clang. Cleaned web pages, removed some old links, added wikipedia link.