FullFIX 0.5.6

FullFIX is a library for parsing Financial Information eXchange (FIX) messages. The main goal of the project is to produce the fastest software solution for FIX protocol. The library is written entirely in C for better portability. The parser depends on libc only and it does not impose any I/O or threading model. Unlike some other well known solutions, in this parser the FIX specification gets converted to efficient C code at compile time to achieve the best performance. Supported FIX protocol versions: up to and including version 4.4.

Tags fix c finance hft investment linux unix financial-and-insurance-industry information-technology
License BSDL
State beta

Recent Releases

0.5.613 Nov 2018 15:05 minor feature: Updated Readme . FAQ updated. . Removed "implicit-fallthrough" warnings. . Performance data updated.
0.5.508 Nov 2015 11:02 minor feature:
0.5.416 Oct 2015 14:03 minor feature: - Code optimisation based on profiling; - Minor bug fixes and stylistic changes.
0.5.328 Sep 2015 11:36 minor bugfix: Fixed minor bugs in conversion routines.
0.5.227 Sep 2015 21:19 minor feature: More testing + updated conversion routines.
0.5.121 Sep 2015 17:29 cleanup: Code rationalisation.
0.5.010 Sep 2015 13:22 major feature: Initial release.