Chatty 0.8.1

Chatty is a chat client for Twitch as alternative to the webchat. It avoids the complexity of IRC but still provides many Twitch specific features, such as emoticons, user icons, nick colors, OAuth connection, admin settings, stream infos and notifications, keyword highlighting, a chatlog, customizable fonts and colors.

Tags java chat twitch
License Apache
State alpha

Recent Releases

0.8.113 Aug 2015 14:05 feature bugfix: New features: Added experimental Whisper support (this will probably not be developed much until Twitch moves Whispers to the new system, read help on how to enable). Improved TAB Completion: Added predictive sorting for names which gives users who recently talked/highlighted you a higher priority, added setting to toggle completion to common prefix. Added dedicated ignore user lists (separate for chat and whispers). Chat Window: Added Pause Chat when moving mouse over chat feature (enable in the settings). Changed Ctrl to be used to pause chat, use AltGr for selecting when clicking on a username in chat. Don't scroll down when scrolled up even when scroll down timeout has passed while holding Ctrl. Added one-click moderation when holding Ctrl (configure in the Chat settings). Tabs: Added manual resorting of tabs by drag and drop. Added more menu entries to close tabs to Tab Context Menu. Rejoin channels in the order the tabs were, when rejoining channels from last session on start (depends on the Tab Order setting of course). Switch to tab when right-clicking on it (which wasn't the case everywhere). Optional mouse wheel scrolling through tabs (enable in the settings). Emoticons: Added FFZ Feature Friday again and improved support for it in Emotes Dialog. Improved Emote Context Menu (open for Twitch emotes id, added channel submenu for more emotes where it makes sense). Added setting to toggle animated emotes (BTTV GIF emotes). Allow global FFZ/BTTV emotes to be added to the favorites as well. Don't show 150 size in Emotes Dialog Detail View when emote is too wide. Sort Channel Subscriber Emotes alphabetically. #### Chat/Stream Info Display. Improved display for long slowmode times in the titlebar. Implemented new ROOMSTATE command, allowing for accurate display of submode/slowmode/r9k in titlebar. Added stream uptime to the titlebar, added settings to customize what is shown in the titlebar a bit more (`View - Opti
0.811 Jun 2015 01:05 major feature: Core Changes: Connection: Implemented IRCv3 tags/commands/membership support. Userlist: IRCv3 now supports optional joins/parts (correct userlist), which is enabled by default in Chatty (doesn't mean joins/parts have to be shown). Added experimental support for secured connections. Emoticons: Changed Emoticon parsing to use spaces as delimiter instead of word boundaries. (to match changes made to Twitch Chat). Scaling: Added settings to scale emotes in chat and the Emotes Dialog. BTTV: Implemented BTTV Custom Channel Emotes, switched to new BTTV API. IRCv3: Implemented new Twitch Emotes API, including using IRCv3 tags. Emote Dialog: Added overview of all global emotes (Twitch and Other). Detail View: Added Detail View that can be opened for an emote with different scaling and a table of information about the emote. Context Menu: Added more entries and information. Added emote image caching, making loading of emotes a bit faster and hopefully more reliable if the server can't be reached at the time of loading. Added feature to add custom emotes (locally), also allowing you to replace other emotes. FFZ: Switched to new API (and showing more info about the emotes). TAB Completion: Changed to work with @ in front (or any other non-word characters around it). Added info popup to show completion information (how many items are found, which item you are at while cycling through results). Added completion for emotes (Shift-TAB). Added completion for setting names (TAB when using after setting command). Added completion for some commands (TAB after /). Added support for custom completion items that you can add in the settings or via the /customCompletion command. StreamChat: Added fitting context menu to stream chat dialog. Added setting to START inserting text a the top in Stream Chat. (but not insert text at the top in general), added streamChatResizable setting. Added commands /clearStreamChat, /testStreamChat, /setStreamChatSize. /getStreamChat
0.7.320 Jan 2015 03:15 feature bugfix: New features: Added customizable hotkeys feature allowing you to add/remove/change hotkeys in the settings Added Stream Chat dialog Added support for global mods Added chan parameter to Custom Commands Log to file: Added setting to customize timestamp Changes: Changed inputbox font to prevent bug where fallback fonts wouldn't work properly in JTextPane Changed default for "Restore dialogs" setting to "Restore dialogs from last session" Backup: Increased setting backup count to 5 backups Changed staff usermode symbol to Added scaling to emotes if the image is too big, set maximum size to 100x50 Improved setting commands , improved help for setting commands Added "set:" commandline parameter to set any setting that can be set with the set command Changed to new BTTV emotes API Improved URL parsing a bit Updated help Bugfixes: Fixed Simple Title menu setting not being updated correctly Set foreground color of Viewer History based on the current foreground color of the dialog, so it fits the LAF Set Notification foreground color to black, in case a LAF uses another color that doesn't go well with the yellow background
0.7.215 Dec 2014 15:45 feature bugfix: Features: User Dialog Buttons now support shortcuts, Ban and Unban buttons are not hardcoded anymore and have to be added to the setting Added User/Line Selection feature to select a User in chat via the keyboard so e.g. timeouts are possible completely via the keyboard Added feature to modify Addressbook entries via a file Added color restriction for Usericons Highlight/Ignore: Added prefixes Channel Info Dialog now allows to be resized a lot smaller, Viewercount info now adjusting better to smaller sizes Added setting to change Look Feel Added setting to attach dialogs to main window, so they always stay in the same relative position when the main window is moved Added some keyboard shortcuts Added some support for FFZ feature friday, added /ffzGlobal command to show global FFZ emote codes Changes: Added menu entry to open login configuration for easier access Improved login configuration dialog When login was determined invalid by automatic check: Changed warning message, don't remove automatically anymore but let user do it if necessary Added Options submenu to View menu to allow more options with direct access Added more options to Title/Game Presets dialog due to S'ome demand Logging to file now enabled by default MOD/UNMOD messages are now disabled by default Custom Commands executed from the Channel Context Menu now include the name of the channel as first parameter Some small improvements of labels/info texts in Settings Dialog Increased join delay, increased delay between failed join attempts Ping connection more often if inactive to detect disconnect quicker and possibly prevent disconnect in some cases Improved URL detection Improved debug messages a bit Improved error catching in some places Added more tests Updated help Bugfixes: Fixed URLs that don't have a protocol prefix being opened without a prefix, which resulted in the browser not opening correctly Fixed error in FrankerFaceZ emote parsing Fixed bug where "Close to tray" wouldn't work w
0.7.127 Oct 2014 06:55 major feature: - Added Emoticon Favorites, that are displayed in the Emote Dialog (you can - only add Twitch Emotes for now, not FFZ or BTTV) - Added support for correct capitalization of names in chat (experimental, - you have to enable it in the settings if you want to try it) - Show correctly capitalized stream names in Live Streams/Channel Info - Dialog (independent of the Correctly Capitalized Names setting) - Added minimize to tray/close to tray options - Added setting for auto scroll down timeout length - Added setting to change font size of dialogs (experimental, only Userinfo - now) - Added setting to customize chat log file location - Added context menu to Follower/Subscriber Dialog to export list to file - Added support for FrankerFaceZ global event emotes
0.6.729 Sep 2014 03:15 feature feature bugfix: New features: Added support for some of the BetterTTV emotes Added feature to ignore indiviual emotes, which makes them not turn into an image Changed game select dialog to one single list for favorites/search as to not waste so much space Added setting to change the livestreamer command Added option to combine ban messages of the same user within 10 seconds, for example " has been banned from talking " means banned 3 times Added "/ab change" command to add/remove/toggle categories in a single command Added /uptime command Added /openUrl and /openUrlPrompt commands Added ignore setting to not show ignored messages info in chat if the ignored messages dialog is currently open Changes: Live Streams window always on top of main window More Dialogs now closeable with ESC Added Ctrl+J shortcut for opening Join Dialog Save Channel Favorites sort order between sessions Increased number of saved lines per user from 20 to 100 Reorganized Settings Dialog a bit Added context menu to Race Id in Race Viewer Possibly improved debugging of emoticon loading errors a bit Updated help Bugfixes: Search dialogs fixed for popouts Fixed error on update notification Improved API response parsing a little bit Fixed context menus in Highlights/Ignored Messages dialogs
0.725 Sep 2014 23:21 minor feature: - Added Emoticon Dialog, showing emotes you paid for (Subscriber/Turbo) and channel-specific emotes (FFZ/BTTV) - Added Followers/Subscribers lists, added new follower sound (works only if Followers Dialog is open) - Livestreamer: Added setting to use auth (for sub-only streams), added setting whether to open the Livestreamer Dialog when opening a stream from the menu - Added setting to write stream info to a file (e.g. for display on stream) - Automatically request moderator list once per channel, added /fixMods command to temporarily fix mods status without showing the list of all moderators - Added /host and /unhost commands - Added shortcut Ctrl-W to close active tab/restore popout to tab - Admin Dialog: Added option to automatically repeat commercial on the set delay - Added stream uptime to Channel Info Dialog (how long ago a stream was started)