getlock 1.0

A lockfile utility that uses kernel locking, rather than just creating a lockfile, so that in the event of system shutdown, app being killed, or whatever, other apps are not blocked by the undeleted lockfile. Feature set includes: multiple lockfiles, wait-time to obtain lock, kill lockfile owner, run a script on lock failure, run app with specified user/group, 'nohup', fork into background and create lockfiles 'close on exec' so they are not inheritied by child processes.

Tags utility filelocking
License GNU GPLv3
State initial

Recent Releases

1.014 Feb 2019 11:43 minor feature: This release adds the '-C' 'close on exec' flags, for those rare situations when you don't want all processes run under the lock to inherit the lockfile (like when launching something out of a cron job that will be long-running).