GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.10.36

GIMP is a very versatile graphics editing software. It works on bitmap images, provides layered editing, a plethora of drawing and colorization tools, photo enhancing and retouching features and filters, programmatic effects, various extension and scripting capabilities, and itself provides a highly adaptable multi-window interface. It can open nearly any graphics format, or import Photoshop, PDF, Postscript, SVG and other vector formats even.

Tags c gtk gimp graphics-editor bitmap-graphics photo-editing xcf
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

2.10.3607 Nov 2023 23:58 minor feature:
2.10.2406 Jul 2023 02:24 minor bugfix:
2.10.1828 Mar 2020 12:54 minor bugfix:
2.10.1405 Dec 2019 21:22 minor bugfix:
2.10.1213 Jun 2019 03:38 minor bugfix:
2.10.1008 Apr 2019 03:34 major bugfix:
2.10.824 Dec 2018 13:45 major bugfix:
2.8.1427 Aug 2014 03:30 minor bugfix: Fix for a libtool versioning problem in yesterdays 2.8.12 release. - OSX: Fix migration code for old GIMP directories. - Fix brush sizes when used from plug-ins. - Windows: Allow to Explorer-open files with UTF-8 characters in the filename. - Make XCF loading more robust against broken files. Make sure the widget direction matches the GUI language. - Remove the option to disable the warning when closing a modified image. - Fix canvas overlay widgets (like the text options) for tablets. - Make DND work between images in one dockable. - Make script-fu-server more secure by listening to by default and add a warning about changing that IP. This breaks the procedure's API, but for security reasons. - Bring back proper script-fu translations. - Massively clean up and fix the OSX build and bundle. - Add Jenkins tutorial. - Documentation updates. - Bug fixes. - Translation updates.