Graphviz 12.0.0

Graphviz is open source graph visualization software. Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. It has important applications in networking, bioinformatics, software engineering, database and web design, machine learning, and in visual interfaces for other technical domains.

Tags presentation visualization graph
License EPL
State initial

Recent Releases

12.0.005 Jul 2024 10:05 major bugfix: Added: Support for building the Graphviz TCL bindings has been integrated into the CMake build system. This is controllable by the `-Denable_tcl= AUTO ON OFF ` option. Support for building the SWIG-generated TCL language bindings has been integrated into the CMake build system. This is controllable by the. `-Denable_swig= AUTO ON OFF ` option. Support for building the SWIG-generated C# language bindings has been integrated into the CMake build system. This is controllable by the. `-Denable_sharp= AUTO ON OFF ` option. Changed: The Catch2-based test suite in the CMake build system has been ported from Catch2 v2 to Catch2 v3. Support for Catch2 v2 has been removed. #2465. The Windows release artifacts are now built on Windows 2022 and Visual Studio 2022 17 and toolset v143. The macOS release artifacts are now built on macOS 13 (Ventura). The CMake build system no longer links `dot_builtins` against libsocket. The CMake build system now only compiles `dot_builtins` if building shared libraries (`-DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON`). Breaking: the `` member is now a struct. Breaking: the `LEN` and `MAXDOUBLE` constants have been removed. Accuracy in processing compass points has been improved. Breaking: the `CMYK_BYTE` member of the `color_type_t` enum and the corresponding `gvolor_t.u.cmyk` field have been removed. The color format this mapped to was neither documented nor implemented correctly. The Windows releases available for download on now only include CMake-produced packages, not MS Build-produced packages. The MS Build packages are available in the Gitlab package registry if needed. The CMake build system more pervasively sets rpaths of compiled binaries, libraries, and plugins, which should result in them more reliably finding their supporting components. without ` LD_LIBRARY_PATH`/` DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH` tricks. Breaking: the `Agraph_t.n_id` field is now an opaque pointer. Breaking: the libpack functions `putGraphs`, `putRect
11.0.029 Apr 2024 18:25 major feature: Added: `gv2gml` gained a `-y` option to output the variant of GML instead of the default. A new command line option, `--filepath= ` has been added to perform the. Function previously served by the ` GV_FILE_PATH` environment variable, use of Which was removed in Graphviz 6.0.1. Unlike the old ` GV_FILE_PATH` mechanism, `--filepath= ` takes effect regardless of the setting of the ` SERVER_NAME`. Environment variable. #2396 Changed: `gvpack`, in addition to recognizing a cluster name preas a mark of a. Cluster, now recognizes this case insensitively as well as recognizing the `cluster` attribute. This is more consistent with how the Graphviz libraries. Work. Breaking: `pkg-config` (.pc) files shipped with Graphviz now include. ` pre /include` in the include path in addition to. ` pre /include/graphviz`. Previously this missing path meant building Graphviz demo examples against an installation of Graphviz in a non-system. Path would not work. #2474 The core PostScript output format (`-Tps`) warns if using an. Out-of-specification font name. To avoid this, use a more sophisticated output Format like Cairo (`-Tps:cairo`) that does font name lookup and translation. #218. Breaking: The libpack functions `putRects`, `packRects`, `putGraphs`. `packGraphs`, `packSubgraphs`, `pack_graph`, `shiftGraphs`, `ccomps`. `cccomps`, and `pccomps` now take the number of items they are operating on. (`ng`) as a `size_t`. Breaking: The `bsearch_cmpf` and `qsort_cmpf` typedefs have been removed. `dot -c -v`, when constructing the config6 file, includes comments explaining. Any attempted actions that failed during plugin loading. #2456 Breaking: The `Ndim` global is now a `unsigned short`. Fdpgen no longer truncates graph names when inferring new names for connected. Component subgraphs. Breaking: The `nodequeue` type has been removed. Breaking: The field `Agraphinfo_t.n_nodes` has been removed. The function. `agnnodes` is a more robust way of retrieving the
10.0.111 Feb 2024 12:02 minor feature: ### Added - Releases now include packages for Rocky Linux ( 8 and 9. - A new output format, `-Tsvg_inline`, has been added to generate a header-less SVG suitable for inlining into HTML. #2285 - The functionality of the `acyclic`, `tred` and `unflatten` command line tools are now exposed via the `graphviz_acyclic`, `graphviz_tred` and `graphviz_unflatten` API functions in libcgraph. #2194 - `graphviz_node_induce` is available as a new API function in cgraph.h. - `tred` gained a `-o` command line option to redirect its output to a file. ### Changed - The Criterion unit tests have been removed and migrated to Pytest. This is primarily relevant to downstream packagers of Graphviz. #2443 - **Breaking**: `Dtdisc_t.memoryf` and its associated macros has been removed. - **Breaking**: The `Dt_t.type` field has been removed. - **Breaking**: The `dtfound`, `DT_FOUND`, `dtleast`, and `dtmost` macros have been removed. - The nrtmain.c test program has been removed from the portable tarball. - The TCL Graphviz packages for inter-release versions/snapshots report themselves as `b` instead of ` dev.`. This fixes a problem wherein TCL would see ` dev` as being invalid characters to appear in a version. #2370 - Support for discovering Lua via `lua-config*` has been removed from the Autotools build system. - Lua discovery in the Autotools build system should now respect the location of your Lua installation and not unconditionally attempt installation into `/usr`. #2152 - The GTK plugin is no longer built or distributed. This plugin relies on GTK 2 and X11. If you use this plugin, please contact the maintainers to let them know it is worthwhile re-enabling this and forward porting it to GTK 3/4 and Wayland. #1848 - In the Autotools build system, `LIBPOSTFIX=` can now be used to suppress `64` being appended to the library installation path. - The `-m` command line option, whose functionality was d
8.1.015 Aug 2023 13:18 minor feature: Added: On non-Windows platforms, new `-Tvt100` and `-Tvt100-24bit` output formats are. Available that do rudimentary rendering to a terminal that supports ANSI Escape sequences. Some notes about the interaction with wide-oriented streams were added to the. Cgraph man page. Changed: When memory allocation failures cause Graphviz to exit, information about the. Failing allocation is included in the error message. : Failure of arrowhead and arrowtail to respect penwidth #372 . Also for the `curve` and `icurve` Edge arrow shapes. Iteration calculations based on `nslimit` and/or `nslimit1` attributes are. Clamped to ` 0, INT_MAX `. That is, calculations that result in a negative Number of iterations are rounded up to `0` and those that result in a number of iterations that exceeds `INT_MAX` are rounded down to `INT_MAX`. Iteration. Numbers outside this range do not have useful behavior, but could be caused Unintentionally by users. Setting `xdotversion` attributes that parse as greater than 17 (`xdotversion` is parsed as a series of digits, ignoring all non-digits) no longer causes an. Out of bounds read when rendering to xdot. #2390 Icon size in the macOS has been so icons are no longer. Invisible. Compiling the portable source tarball on a machine with SWIG 4.1.0 no. Longer fails due to missing PHP files. #2388 Syntax for a loop in `` has been corrected. This was a regression in Graphviz 2.50.0. #2404.
8..0.505 Jul 2023 19:19 minor feature:
2.42.202 Oct 2019 00:42 major feature: