Harvest 0.4

Harvest is a compact, fast and portable software that can scan files and folders to recognise their typology. Scanning is based on file extensions and a simple fuzzy logic analysis of folder contents to recognise if they are related to video, audio or text materials. Harvest makes it easy to list folders by type or year, to move them or to categorize them for tagged filesystems. It can process approximately 1GB of stored files per second and is operated from the console terminal. Harvest is designed to operate on folders containing files without exploding the files around: it assesses the typology of a folder from the files contained, but does not move the files outside of that folder. For instance it works very well to move around large collections of downloaded torrent folders.

Tags archiving backup shell console system-administrators
License GNU GPLv3
State initial

Recent Releases

0.415 Jul 2018 09:43 minor feature: