InsuranceManagementFramework .1

InsuranceManagementFramework(IMF) is designed for JAVA Technology. IMF is the shortest way to build software for insurance. IMF is invented in java Technology by wilmix jemin j at year 2014. Advantages of IMF Framework ----------------------------- A) It focus on developers to learn only core java Technology for this framework. b) It is a Learnable framework and easy to design webpages comes with wilmix cat server. c) Easy to Learn , Focus , and use and eradicates lot of coding in java. d) SAVES TIME AND COST. e) It is an Opensource framework but wilmix cat server is not opensourced. f) It saves time and cost g) Use of web.xml and set and get methods are avoided. h) Controller ,Model , View are User defined. i) You can pass any type of core java collections like ArrayList, Hashmap,etc so you can get multiple values at the same time at View3 so it is one of the best JAVA framework. j) You can perform many number of Multiple submits on the same page ie) one can load many HTML forms in the same page by calling HTML.displayhtml function.. is one of the best advantage than any other framework.... k) This Framework also behave like AJAX and redirects to the same page....

Tags cross-plattform java development
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

.101 Feb 2016 14:38 major feature: Focused on IWP-AJAX,IWP-Servlet,Easy to Learn and focus, Fast Developement, Display the contents or a webservice, ERROR Display in Webpage,IWP Server is Platform Independant, IWP Integeration with HIBERNATE with SPRING ,JMS, EJB ,ANGULARJS,MYBATICS, and ,JQUERY.