JRecord 0.80.8

JRecord allows you to read legacy, fixed width, and delimited flat files in Java. Files are interpreted via a Record-Layout (file description), which can be COBOL-Copybook or a XML-file-description. The package can handle both Text and Binary Cobol files (it can handle Standard carriage-Return, Fixed Width and Length based (VB)) Files.

Tags cobol java flat files fixed width files
License GNU LGPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.80.825 Feb 2015 10:23 minor feature: New CobolIoBuilder classes introduced, These classes should make it easier to read/write cobol files. Updated Csv parser, New Csvoptions for Csf files with embedded carriage return, Options to supply Cobol-Columns in the Java Code rather than by cb2xml.properties file.
0.80.720 Nov 2014 04:33 minor feature: New Cobol2Cobol Example utility for copying between Fixed-Width files (with a Cobol Copybook/Xml-Schema), New methods for defining File-Schema's in the Java code, Cobol2Csv / Csv2Cobol Example programs now accept Xml-Schemas (as well as Cobol Copybooks), Fixes for parameter parsing in example programs.
0.80.604 Nov 2014 01:50 minor feature: * Postive Comp-3 numbers now use the no-sign nyble instead of the positive nyble value. * Added Fixed-Width-Char line support (Constants.IO_FIXED_LENGTH_CHAR) * Resolved some differences between the processing of Xml-Schemas in JRecord versus RecordEditor * New Example programs Cobol2Csv and Csv2Cobol * example programs Processing Multi-Record files Handling duplicate field names Manipulating schema's * Extra documentation
0.80.526 Aug 2014 01:35 minor bugfix: Fixed issue withZoned-Decimal in Ebcdic-German + several other European language versions of Ebcdic Several fix's for Fixed Width 16 bit character-sets (e.g. UTF-16 etc) Fix's / enhancements for Unicode Csv files