kissback 0.4

Kissback is a backup software that allows to backup large directories containing large files to sftp servers. Standard file attributes, users, groups, and times are backuped and restored. Kissback tries to combine incremental backups with the simplicity of full backups. Kissback also makes sure that you are able to restore individual files manually without using the kissback software. Authentication is done using public key authentifcation.

Tags backup
License GNU GPLv3
State initial

Recent Releases

0.424 Oct 2020 13:59 minor feature: Support for local destination directories has been added. Kissmount fuse filesystem has been added for mounting backups readonly.
0.321 Apr 2016 20:16 minor feature: Deduplication has been added. Tar mode has been added (restore to tar file). Date of last backup is now taken as default for check, restore and tar modes. Block size has been optimized for faster transfers speeds
0.210 Mar 2016 19:39 minor feature: xz compression has been added.
0.120 Feb 2016 22:30 minor feature: initial release