KKEdit 0.2.6

KKEdit is a programmers editor using the Gtk toolkit in the style of Mac BBEdit. It's not an IDE, but provides slightly more coding functionality than other text editors; syntax highlighting, function outlines/jumping, external tool and binding and an inline-shell, remote editing, manual viewing, and remembers editing sessions. KKEdit uses non-flat tabs and icons per default.

Tags c editor gtk x11 programmers text-editor code-editor
License GNU GPL
State beta

Recent Releases

0.2.614 Dec 2014 10:05 major bugfix: Removed redundant 'Restore Session With Bookmarks' bookmarks are now reloaded by default. All tabs updated at once when restoring session. Jumping to bookmark now also places cursor at bookmark. Plugins can now use restore session routine. Fixed minor dnd bug. Added barber pole to restore session. Fixed numerous minor widget sensitivity bugs. Plugin folder changed is now /.KKEdit/plugins-gtk. Fixed minor memory leak. Made switchPage callback visible to plugins. Stoped horizontal scrollbar flashing up when wrap lines is active. Removed some small error messages from startup. Fixed minor free bug when docviewer is disabled. Updated help file and translations. Fixed odd characters in tab name when truncated with elipses. Fixed crash when ctags gets confused and produces an enormous function name. Added 'Sort Tabs' to file menu. Fixed some minor encoding to UTF8 bugs. Fixed bug when loading certain html files. Fixed minor callback bug in prefs/plugin prefs. Speeded up load session. Code clean. Fixed bug where closing too many tabs too fast caused a segfault. Fixed regex find lockup . Can now do backward regex search. Redoing regex find/replace. Can now only spell check whole document if document is 'clean'. Removed unneeded reference to libunique from build files. Removed debug flags from makefile.am. Spell check document now sets the dirty flag correctly. Changed dropbox to dropboxentry in spellcheck word dialog. Fixed bug in spell check word. Fixed some free() bugs. Improved 'ReadLink Before Opening File' option, now handles relative links better, and uses the 'real' filename for the tab name if set, if not uses the link filename ( which may be different ).