KPhotoAlbum 4.5

KPhotoAlbum lets you index, search, group and view images by keywords, date, locations and persons. It provides a quick and elegant way to lookup groups of images when you have thousands of pictures on your hard disk. The information associated with each photo is stored in an XML file. Together with its keywords, KPhotoAlbum stores each picture's MD5 sum, so it will recognize them even if you move them to another directory. KPhotoAlbum can also create HTML galleries with the images you select. KPhotoAlbum can also make use of the KIPI image handling plugins to extend its capabilities. The kipi-plugins package contains many useful extensions. Among others, it contains extensions for photo manipulation, importing, exporting and batch processing.

Tags kde graphics image management end-users
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

4.527 Jul 2014 13:58 major feature: * New Feature: Added an Android client, which can display images from a running KPhotoAlbum on the desktop * New Feature: Tags can now be associated with an area of the image. * Enhancement: Backspace now shows the previous image in the Viewer * Enhancement: Implement file copy dialog in the Viewer. * Enhancement: Added option to ignore specific EXIF comments. (Some digital cameras set a non-configurable EXIF comment in each image. With this option you can specify which comments should be ignored.) * Bugfix (#254641): The current image is now highlighted when selecting images using the keyboard. * Enhancement: On first start, the image folder defined in KDE settings is used. * Bugfix: find thumbnail even for short videos (Thanks to Christoph Moseler for identifying the problem, and sending an initial patch) * Enhancement: Implemented the Page-Up and Page-Down keypresses to select the previous and next image in the annotation dialog * Bugfix: Fix image import for kim files with external images. * Bugfix: Fix crash when reading .kim files. * Enhancement: Updated HTML darkJS theme * New Feature: Maintainance- sort all by date and time (With this command, you don't have to worry about stacks, locked images, or similar) * Bugfix: Prevent thumbnail progress bar from showing indefinitely when no MPlayer is installed. * Enhancement: Make thumbnail cache readable by all users. (This makes sharing a kphotoalbum database actually possible.) * Enhancement: Implement caching for thumbnail files. * Enhancement: Recalculate md5sum when image is changed by kipi-plugin. * Bugfix: Mark database dirty when images are deleted. * Enhancement: Run without video thumbnail/length support when mplayer is missing. * Bugfix: Don't try creating thumbnails for images not on disk. * Enhancement: Use cached QImage instead of invoking KIcon::pixmap on broken files * Enhancement: Add --info to script/kpa-backup.s