LaTeXDraw 3.2.0

LaTeXDraw is a graphical vectore editor for LaTeX. It's based upon PSTricks, which it generates code for, but can also output PDF or PostScript files directly. It's cross-platform as it runs on Java.

Tags java latex drawing-editor vector-images
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.2.015 Sep 2014 10:41 major bugfix: Translations updated, fixed freeze when continuously pressing a key, Wrong selection of control points, points when interacting with shapes having a diff number of points, Wrong bounding box when creating a bezier curve with show points, Gradient shading feature is not read from SVG file, Changing the position using the spinners does not work, Should use ps2eps in the eps latex export, The parameter dotangle has no effect when parsed, Unicode texts not painted correctly when not using the LaTeX thumbnail, Crash when adding a text shape that do not compile correctly (several pages produced), Exporting drawings as PNG documents produces files with large blank margins, text shapes may not compiled when user packages ended with a comment, Grids not always painted and parsed correctly.