Linux Hardware Guide Tools 0.3.12

The Linux-Hardware-Guide provides a knowledge base for Linux compatibility and Linux configuration of hardware. The Linux Hardware Guide Tools are a set of programs which automate the upload of hardware data to the database. Furthermore, they automatically find the necessary hardware configuration descriptions relevant for the hardware of the used Linux system.

Tags documentation indexing-search hardware-driver hardware installation logging
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.3.1213 Mar 2017 21:01 major feature: - Proxy support added - Browser detection improved (including blackPanther OS) - several bug fixes
0.3.1122 Sep 2016 20:02 security: - Anonymizer improved: apparmor output filtered to prevent uploading of sensitive data - Visibility of upload URL improved - Store URL in readme.txt file for later usage
0.3.825 Apr 2016 19:38 security: fixed broken file handling on some systems
0.3.727 Mar 2016 19:30 security: - Improved support for SUSE Linux / OpenSUSE - Anonymization function repaired
0.3.625 Mar 2016 22:28 minor feature: -automatic presentation of scan results
0.3.525 Jul 2015 16:03 minor feature: - desktop integration to browse all collected scan results provided by "lhg-connector" - DMI data support added - automatic scan as part of installation routine
0.3.306 Jul 2015 17:03 minor feature: - Configuration file support - Support for upload of formerly cached data
0.3.204 Jul 2015 15:01 minor feature: Automated uploading added.