LightDM WebKit2 Greeter 2.2.1

A greeter for LightDM developed by the Antergos Linux Project. The greeter provides a JavaScript API making it easy to create custom login screens.

Tags linux javascript x11 screen-savers desktop
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

2.2.129 Dec 2016 03:15 minor feature: Increased the timeout for the "theme loaded" check to ensure themes are given enough time to load (when running on less powerful systems). Where users' custom.face image failed to load.
2.225 Dec 2016 15:16 minor feature: * Fixed issue where the ugly default X cursor was shown briefly after the greeter exits. * The JavaScript API for themes is now fully documented: * Switched build systems from Autotools to Meson. * Removed the Theme Heartbeat system. * Added Theme Error Recovery System that will alert the user when errors are detected during JavaScript execution and give them the option to to load a fallback theme. * Added new config option: secure_mode (enabled by default). When enabled, only local http requests are allowed in themes. All non-local requests will be blocked. * Updated API usage for LightDM 1.19.2+. * Updated bundled JS CSS vendor libs to their latest versions. * Added two new options to the greeter config file which make it possible to override the language and format used by the greeter when displaying the current time. * Added new theme utility method for getting the current localized time. * Updated translations with latest changes contributed by the Antergos Community on Transifex. * antergos theme (default): * Fixed issue with the size and position of the error messages container. * Fixed issue that caused the spacebar and enter login shortcut keys not to work. It's now once again possible to skip straight to password entry by pressing either the spacebar or the enter key. * Fixed issue where translated strings were available but not used by the theme. * Updated theme for compatibility with the latest jQuery. * Enhanced styles for buttons and user list-box items. * simple theme: * Removed deprecated HTML4 tags. * Improved styles for input field. * Add fade out animation on exit.