luaprompt 0.7

luaprompt is both an interactive Lua prompt that can be used instead of the official interpreter, as well as a module that provides a Lua command prompt that can be embedded in a host application. As a standalone interpreter it provides many conveniences that are missing from the official Lua interpreter. As an embedded prompt, it's meant for applications that use Lua as a configuration or interface language and can therefore benefit from an interactive prompt for debugging or regular use.

Tags lua interpreter repl shell
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.720 Nov 2015 12:45 minor feature: a couple of typos. Added license file. Set rl_readline_name, to allow luaprompt-specific readline configurat?. Added globalization of already loaded modules, which are not in the g?. Added signal handling for keyboard interrupts. Rewrote the README, to bring important information up front. Added _GNU_SOURCE macro, which is needed for asprintf. Added macro to enable completion based on __index tables. Added manpage. Edited the manpage. Added a makefile. Made some last-minute documentation changes and bumped version to 0.7.
0.618 Jun 2015 11:21 minor feature: - Switched to LuaRocks-based building/distribution. - Converted luaprompt to a proper Lua module. - Added saving of results into a table. - Added support for completion based on __index being a table. - Fixed filename completions to allow continuing completion into subdirectories. - Fixed various bugs.