MedAdvCFG 0.4.0-r42

Frontend for Mednafen v0.9.x.x

Tags vb6 windows mednafen frontend
License Public Domain
State development

Recent Releases

0.4.0-r4210 Mar 2018 03:15 minor feature: v0.4.0-r42 Region is now autodetected based on BIOS, Defaults to NTSC-U if using. unknown BIOS. Regions added to bios.dat. Added option to boot SysCore with Disc Tray/Cart Ejected. Clicking 'Mode - gt; Advanced' from the 'Game Info' screen of Basic Mode. now actually returns you to Advanced Mode. Various Code Optimizations.
0.3.3-r3828 Feb 2017 11:05 minor feature: v0.3.3-r38 Added support for Mednafen v0.9.43.0-win64/win32. Goat Scanlines/Progression controls are now functional. Added Horizontal Overscan (PSX). Basic Mode now saves settings when games are listed. Various code optimizations.
0.3.2-r3409 Feb 2017 10:21 minor bugfix: v0.3.2-r34 02-09-2017 4:51AM Added support for Mednafen v0.9.42.0-win64/win32 Should be verifying MD in both Basic and Advanced Mode now Removed hardcoded MD5 for BIOS and Mednafen. Now using bios.dat and Mednafen.dat under /dat/ Fixed 'Path Not Found' error when no bios set and settings are saved/loaded Removed CoversDB data from GitHub. Added URLS+Mirrors in CoversDB.txt in respective cover folders Various Code Optimizations
0.3.106 Feb 2017 08:54 minor feature: v0.3.1 02-04-2017 7:48AM Added two new menus! Help Chat Under Help is link to Documentation And Tips for NetPlay Chat will bring you to new #MedAdvCFG Chat On Freenode! Removed md5.exe requirement. Now using Lib cryptdll.dll Removed much unneeded commented code About Menu is now functional on all forms. Now verifies PSX BIOS with REDUMP REDUMP Verification now displayed in Basic Mode Added roadmap.txt to GitHub EXE now compressed with UPX v3.91w 1433600 - 671232 46.82 win32/pe MedAdvCFG.exe Various Code Optimizations