Mimeguard 4.6fix

Mimeguard allows the configuration of policy regarding filetypes allowed in email. It can unpack multipart emails and examine MS Office files for macros, HTML, PDF and RTF files for illegal strings and 'look into' .zip files to see what filetypes are within them. It uses a system of allowed/not allowed filetypes that are defined in a config file. It's intended to be used within a script or system-ed from a parent process and returns and exit code that indicates if a file/mail is considered safe or not.

Tags filetypes security email
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

4.6fix10 Jul 2020 19:26 minor bugfix: Fix for misbehaving wildcard match when matching urls.
2.222 Oct 2017 21:39 minor feature: As HTML documents can be containers, or not, depending on whether they contain links or not the 'allow-empty' option was added to allow empty containers to not throw an error. IP address lookups are now cached internally to prevent hammering the DNS system with the same queries over and over.
2.022 Oct 2017 19:47 major feature: This release adds support for interrogating HTML within an email, whether as email text or as an attachment. HTML tags can be specified to be forbidden, links to external documents in HTML are processed as subdocuments of the mail, and URLs can be declared safe or otherwise by reference to host or IP address lists. IP registrar files can also be used to identify the country/region that a URL ip-address relates to, and allow/forbid on the basis of that too.
1.014 Mar 2017 19:01 major feature: Initial release