MndpTray 2.0.0

This protocol similar to CDP and LLDP, but Mikrotik specific Functions: - Periodic sends Windows host information over MNDP, Mikrotik routers see it. - Listens to MNDP messsages and put them to list - Blocking winbox discovery function when running - Tooltip list to open with SSH,VNC,RDP,HTTP,PING protocol - Send message over windows message service (Remote RPC) - IPv4 & IPv6 support - Self update from github

Tags mikrotik routeros mndp mikrotik-router discovery network-discovery udp network windows broadcast net-framework cpd lldp
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

2.0.018 May 2023 18:42 minor feature:
1.8.019 Aug 2019 08:02 minor feature: