mrouted 4.2

mrouted is an implementation of the IPv4 multicast routing protocol DVMRP, RFC 1075. It is capable of turning a UNIX workstation, or Linux device, into a multicast router with tunneling support. Support for IGMPv1, IGMPv2, and IGMPv3. Comes with mroutectl for interacting with the daemon.

Tags daemon networking
License BSDL
State mature

Recent Releases

4.207 Jan 2021 05:54 major feature: Support for static routes and improved configuration support for IGMP. Plus various bug fixes.
4.102 Oct 2020 04:42 minor feature: Support secondary addresses on interfaces by default, and usual crop of minor fixes.
4.009 Jun 2020 20:45 major feature: New command line tool, mroutectl, as well as support for IGMPv3.