MultiBootUSB 9.3.0

MultiBootUSB can assemble multiple live Linux distributions on an USB disk. It presents a boot menu, and works non-destructively on flash disks, can even uninstall distributions again. It furthermore works cross-platform, and can create Linux USB boot disks from Windows.

Tags python boot usb mbr syslinux
License GNU GPL
State initial

Recent Releases

9.3.002 Oct 2018 03:15 major bugfix: Provide information about free and total space of selected USB device in the main GUI. Unmount partitions and lock physical drive when dd-ing iso on Windows. Unmount the USB device partition while using QEMU to boot from USB on Linux. description of an exception which gets raised of diskpart.exe fails. repeated calls to update GUI. syntax of an exception description. Imager writing on entire disk instead of partitions. crash when using imager under certain conditions. Unmount partitions before dding iso image on Linux. Catch an error generated while copying iso image to the target USB. uuid generation from NTFS/FAT32 partition on Windows. Add gptmbr.bin to package data files. Catch exceptions raised during install_syslinux() and make effort to undo partially completed installation. a doc string to keep up with the function signature change.
9.2.005 Apr 2018 03:15 major bugfix: Welcome onboard Shiniji Suzuki. The most of the and additional features implemented are done by him. A big tanks to him. for crash under Windows. Reimplemented Debian persistence feature under Linux and Windows. Improved partition detection type. Allow target drive specification using lower case letter in command line interface. Added option to specify persistence option from commanl ine interface using 'persistence-size' or 'p'. Better conversion of syslinux config files to grub compatible one (loopback.cfg). Prevent command line interface from installing over existing installation (similar to GUI). distro detection going out of sync after uninstalling a distro. Multibootusb remembers persistence size when trying next distro (having persistence feature). Better detection og GPT devices under Windows. linux (ubuntu16.04) incompatibility (7zip coding). crashing of multibootusb when installing default syslinux. Provide feedback after successful or failure of syslinux install. General code cleanup. Find and prompt for empty ISO files. various typographical errors. wifi slax install Antergos booting slitaz rolling detection and install. wifi slax install for syslinux install when USB disk is not inserted. parted magic grub label (Thanks to gabrielmagno). Intimate users if USB disk not inserted when trying to install syslinux. Add support for AntiX 17.1. Added Parabola Linux. Sync with other multibootusb project.
9.1.004 Jan 2018 03:15 major bugfix: Included missing EFI modules. for application crashing crashing on windows system. New option to boot distros directly from ISOs. To availe this option, you need to copy ISO files in /multibootusb/iso.
9.0.031 Dec 2017 03:15 major feature: Improved UEFI support. New efi binary based on latest grub2 source. Added grub2 efi modules. for crash when Windows language is non English. Fis for rpm based packaeges which crashes when running the programme. Improved the GPT detection under Windows. Corrected partedmagic path Improved GPT detection under Linux. Check for root privilege when using CLI. crash when installing ISO from CLI due to GPT check. crash when installing syslinux from CLI due to GPT check. Install extlinux under Linux for NTFS filesystem. Correct usage instructions in help text. Added option to choose install distro using memdisk. Added Xenial Puppy. Added OSFclone. Added Redcore Linux. Added Slacko Puppy.
8.9.020 Nov 2017 14:54 major feature: Support for GPT based USB disks. BIOS mode works only under USB created under Linux. UEFI for on Windows and Linux. Added command line option to install sysinux on multibootusb director (use -s or --syslinux). Added command line option to direct ISO writing to USB disk (use -r or --raw). Boot ISO and IMG directly using memdisk. Added feature for selecting ISO, IMG, Zip and all files options in file chooser dialog. Corrected path to menu.lst file for distrs based on grub4dos. for crash when multicard reader is inserted on the system without a SD card. Correctly detect USB disk information using udisk2-dbus without crash under Linux. an where using a path with spaces would cause a qemu boot error. If distro is not supported, ISO is automatically added using memdisk. You can uninstall later if it does not work. Added Nano Linux.
8.8.011 May 2017 09:25 major feature: for crash when listing partition. Simplified 7zip listing to include directories as well. Correctly remove files installed outside multibootusb directory when uninstalling. Added option to select zip files when choosing ISO files. Added option to choose between two methods when syslinux shipped by ISO is version 3 or below. for trinity boot Updated README file. Modified setup file for including grub2 modules in correct place. Add python path so as to avoid import error under debian. shipping of grub2 modules under correct directory (on Linux). Display version info only before launching the application. Updated user guide. Added FAQ section on the official site. Reduced 7zip call when extracting files. Improved usage info string of command line option (Thanks to Keshav Kini). Various code cleanup and removed redundancy codes. Added RISING Antivirus CD. Added INSERT ISO. Added Liberte. Added Alpine. Added Trinity Rescue Disk. Added AntiVirus Live CD (Calm AV).
8.7.104 May 2017 03:15 minor bugfix: Warning text under 'Write image to disk' tab. for rpm based distro which did not run due to import error. for suse package and it now checks for correct package dependencies. Copy only multibootusb directory to USB if user accept installation choice. Display human readable size for an ISO in terminal. New command line option to skip confirmation message 'try multibootusb -c -h' for more details. New command line option to install multiple distros at a time (Windows user should be able to run only under source code). for crash when installing under Install syslinux tab. Prevent read only filesystem under Linux. Corrected setup file copy location preventing crash. Improved multibootusb-pkexec script for working under rpm and deb based distros. Create correct policy file during build time for various packages. Improved user guide at Various code cleanups.
8.7.030 Apr 2017 03:15 major feature: Welcome "Alin Tr─âistaru (alindt)". He is one of the major contributor for the project. Hide GUI widgets when installation in progress. Show USB disk size in USB details. Reduced CPU usage drastically. Open default text editor application under Linux for editing syslinux file. Reduced various redundant function calls. Dropped p7zip-plugin for suse and mageia (package not available in repo). Improved CLI user experience. Windows users should run from source to enable this option. Added custom functions for writing custom loopback.cfg file. Various code cleanup. Removed windows line ending which prevented application not to start under Linux. Corrected systemrescuecd subdir path. Full credit to and added as. Added colour to terminal output. Bundled Colorama module. Added vba32rescue ISO. Added PC Tools ISO. Few other minor improvements to code.
8.6.024 Apr 2017 06:25 major feature: == A very big thanks to "Alin Tr─âistaru (alindt)". All credits goes to him for redesigning of GUI and code cleanups
8.5.006 Feb 2017 03:15 major bugfix: Added Solus OS. Added Ka OS. Added PC Unlocker. Added Acronis True Image. - Same drives appearing multiple times under imager tab. HBCD boot crash when using ISO Imager option to write ISO files. Small improvement in detecting USB disks under Linux. Auto mount USB drives if not mounted under Linux.
8.4.027 Dec 2016 03:15 major bugfix: in selection of persistence size. crashing of application when selecting extended drive. Introduction of log file (/tmp/multibootusb.log on linux and C: Program Files (x86) multibootusb multibootusb.log under Windows). Added F Secure Rescue CD. Added Tail. Support for latest wifislax. for ROSA boot Various other minor.
8.3.004 Dec 2016 03:15 major bugfix: Added React OS. Added option to list all drived, including Modified USB detection code under Windows. all reported No more exit confirmation if no process is pending. Information about the requirement of admin privilege.
8.1.021 Nov 2016 03:15 major bugfix: For debain package which does not pull in dependency packages. In cluded 7zip for extracting ISO files (including UDF). For windows installer. Added Comodo Rescue Disk ISO. For kaspersky rescue disk. Generic for distros using isolinux version 3. A new installer/setup executable for windows. For random crash when trying to detect syslinux version.
8.0.009 Nov 2016 21:45 major bugfix: This version is written in python 3. GUI toolkit moved to pyqt5. Upgraded to support python 3 (Thanks to LiQiong Lee). Option to choose the desired persistence size using slide. Introduces command line option (install and uninstall distros as of now and will be extended later). Progress can be monitered when running from terminal. Multibootusb should be started with admin/ root privilage under Linux. the which causing USB disk to set read only. 'Undef symbol FAIL: __syslinux_de_enabled' error for gparted, clonezilla and some other (Thsnks to yurikhan for pointing to right direction). the which crashes multibootusb when non-ascii charecters are present in the ISO link. the which prevent multibootusb not to install syslinux. Now debain installer can be installed. Updated dependency packages stddeb, pyinstaller and pyudev to latest version. hiren's boot cd (but user has to avoid "'" in the path). Updated script to include all missing dependencies. pkexec is required now undaining Linux for obtaining admin permission. dban not supported error. AVG rescue disk not supported error. Added Offline Windows Password and registry editor (latest version). Added F4UBCD iso. the crash when mountpath contain space. Dropped udisk version 1 for obtaining details of USB disks. Now the GUI responds smoothly when using ISO Imager option (dd). superficial duplicate devices on Refresh USB under ISO Imager tab. Corrected some typo errors. version bumped to 8.0.0 as it is a major upgrade. Added support for bl-Hydrogen Linux. Many other improvements and.
7.5.010 Apr 2015 17:25 minor feature: Introducing "ISO Imager". Now you can write ISO images directly to USB and it is cross platform too. Util-linux is required now under Linux. Most of the reported bugs has been fixed. Inclusion of 64 bit syslinux (except version 5 as I could not find any) under Linux. Added alphine Linux and memtest. Included missing, and dd directory to source package.
7.4.008 Mar 2015 22:25 minor: Portion of the code has been rewritten. Added support for ext2/3/4 and Btrf filesystem. Corrected wrong naming of persistence files. Bug fix for PartedMagic update script. Few typo has been corrected. Included doc strings. Now install and uninstall script is written in python. Upgraded the debian build script to latest version. Lot of other minor bug fixes. GUI is slightly larger now. Generic way to remove files outside multibootusb directory. Various improvements to build script.
7.3.014 Feb 2015 08:05 minor feature: Rewrite of the source code. It is easier to read source code now. UDisks2 has been added for detecting and getting USB details under Linux. Patch for ubuntu 14.10 and above which uses isolinux version 6. Added persistence for ubuntu and its derivatives. Maximum persistence can be up to 4GB. No USB label error has been solved. It now works with USB drives even without names. Corrected wait time to 30 sec. Updating GUI is now handled by QThread Added following distros:- Trinity Rescue Kit DBan Check for QEMU installation before doing any QEMU related operations. Feedback after installing syslinux . psutil dependency has been dropped.
7.2.016 Dec 2014 23:00 minor feature: * Updated syslinux version from 6.0.2 to 6.0.3 * Added background image for syslinux. * Increased timeout time to 30 sec. * Added following distros:- - CentOS minimal. - Ubuntu Server. * Patch from kbytesys to fix systemrescueCD menu items and other string manupulations. * Fix for few other bugs.