Munin Graph in Javascript 1.6

This version manage the Munin graph in PHP without using the RRD Graph. It manage all the graphs in JS in the client browser (which allow the server to keep cool),

Tags php web interface munin graphs
License Mixed
State testing

Recent Releases

1.630 Oct 2020 03:16 minor release: * Convert JS arrays to array of floats before graphing * Do not change the color if the value is not displayed in legend and is not negativated on graph
1.424 Mar 2020 19:11 minor release: * If the configuration is set to "plugin.internal.unknown 1", do not display the unknown state as error * Allow one to click on graph or values div on the day page, not on the plugin page
1.306 Feb 2020 12:41 minor release: * AJAX to graph to parallelize the requests to server. Need a little bit more memory on server * Put the critical in red * Manage the -l 0 in graph_args to set the min limit to zero in graph * Munin limits : can be overloaded in /etc/munin/munin.conf too
1.218 Nov 2019 08:45 minor release: * Add day/week/month/year graphs * Catch the execution errors of RRDFetch and display them * Add the actual value in text array * Add a link on host on top of page when one module is choosed to go back on all the host modules
1.109 Nov 2019 03:15 minor release: * Add its own licence for PlotLy JS library * In case of negative entry, use the same color than the positive one * Autoscroll should be enabled as soon as the window screen is 1024px width
05 Nov 2019 14:48 minor feature: