Nautilus Hide 0.3.0

A simple Nautilus extension that adds “Hide” and “Unhide” to Nautilus right-click menu. Nautilus Hide does not add a leading dot to file names, but relies on Nautilus' ability to hide the files that are listed in a .hidden file. The extension erases the .hidden files when these are empty and is able to handle selections of files that are distributed across multiple locations.

Tags c dotfiles gnu-linux desktop gnome nautilus gnu desktop-environment hidden-files nautilus-extension
License GNU GPLv3
State development

Recent Releases

0.3.031 Oct 2022 02:51 major feature: The extension has been ported to `libnautilus-extension-4`
0.2.721 Sep 2021 13:30 minor feature: Added Dutch translation.
0.2.621 Sep 2021 13:25 minor feature: Added Dutch translation.
0.2.503 Sep 2021 13:30 minor feature: AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION( 0.21 ) has been replaced with AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION( 0.19 ) in A typo has been fixed.
0.2.325 May 2021 03:25 minor feature: Use of fprintf() for logging has been dropped in favor of GLib's g_message(). Code review. A small in the build system that caused make distcheck not to function properly has been.
0.2.103 May 2021 03:15 minor feature: Code review in the build system and the extension source code.
0.2.028 Apr 2021 09:08 minor feature: * The extension now checks for the database of hidden files' read/write access * Code review
0.1.126 Apr 2021 16:42 minor feature: * Translatable strings have changed * Package review
0.1.025 Apr 2021 03:23 major feature: Nautilus Hide has been published.