Nucleator: Stamp out AWS Reference Architectures 1.0

Nucleator is a DevOps tool for AWS that builds upon Ansible and Cloudformation to simplify creation of fully functioning, working environments for common use cases, starting from empty AWS accounts. It automates the entire process of "stamping out" AWS reference architectures using infrastructure-as-code. We wanted to cover the entire lifecycle of reference architecture development and refinement, collaborative development and sharing, environment provisioning, configuration, operations & usage, and destruction. While Nucleator uses powerful existing DevOps automation tools like CloudFormation and Ansible, we found that to achieve this goal we needed to add capabilities to address key gaps in the end-to-end process.

Tags cloud aws amazon web services nucleator cloud aws amazon web services cloud platform operations devops ansible
License Apache
State initial

Recent Releases

1.009 Apr 2015 17:45 major feature: In March 2015, 47Lining released the initial version of Nucleator. Capabilities include the following commands: nucleator init nucleator update nucleator account setup nucleator account rolespec nucleator cage provision nucleator cage configure nucleator builder provision nucleator builder configure nucleator beanstalk provision nucleator beanstalk configure nucleator beanstalk deploy nucleator redshift provision nucleator redshift configure For information on usage, please read the documentation: