Nux 4.0.8

Nux is a OpenGL-based widget toolkit, with some functional resemblence to Gtk+. It's developed and used by Ubuntus Unity. It's comprised of three libraries: NuxCore for types/math/color/urility functions, NuxGraphics abstracts the rendering and canvas interaction, and Nux itself providing the widgets atop.

Tags linux unity rendering opengl toolkit gtk
License GNU LGPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

4.0.819 Aug 2015 22:25 minor bugfix: Fix broken builds using the GCC 4.9, 5, and Clang toolchains. Fix a timeout size on 64-bit platforms. Calculate the frustum using the projection matrix so 3D windows do not break in Compiz. Close some memory leaks in the Input Method support. Fix a crash due to deleted areas remaining in the layout queue. Fix a crash during drag-and-drop operations.